Recording Electric Guitar Amp

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Fab examines the process of recording an electric guitar amp. By focusing on things like placement and angles as well as listening to a few different microphones and analyzing the impact of these variables.

This video will help you cut the grease out of the guitar recording process. He even pits an SM57 against an original AKG C12 to fascinating results.

Exercise files
Equipment & Software

Shure SM57, Sennheiser 412, AKG C12, Royer-122, Little Labs Redeye, Vovox cables and a really nice Gibson G20T.

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Fab Dupont

Fab Dupont is an award-winning NYC based record producer, mixing/mastering engineer and co-founder of

Fab has been playing, writing, producing and mixing music both live and in studios all over the world. He's worked in cities like Paris, Boston, Brussels, Stockholm, London and New York just to name a few.

He has his own studio called FLUX Studios in the East Village of New York City.

Fab has received many accolades around the world, including wins at the Victoires de la Musique, South African Music awards, Pan African Music Awards, US independent music awards. He also has received Latin Grammy nominations and has worked on many Latin Grammy and Grammy-nominated albums.


David Crosby

Queen Latifah

Jennifer Lopez

Mark Ronson

Les Nubians

Toots And The Maytals

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Thomas Corne
2021 May 14
Freshl new in the premium puremix community, but alter few hours of watching, i can already say, it’s money well spent no regrets, thanks Fab Dupont for your learning habilities gréât job! (Et cocorico comme on dit!) This plateform is an wonderful initiative, we feel the passion of thé staff involved in this, a shame i didn.t know this earlier.Cheers
2018 Dec 14
great stuff but hard to listen cause guitar is really out of tune for my ears........
2018 Dec 13
Every time i Re amp a Di i have to line the track up with the source. How are u getting away with this? Thanks
2016 Nov 28
"distorts when you look at it " hahaha great video! I really enjoy your calm approach on things Fab. Thank you :)
2014 Dec 25
Woww great video thanks!!!
2014 Apr 02
Fab, My home guitar recording setup consists of and hooked up to Amp speaker outs connect to the RockCrusher, of course. Do you have any tips on getting great recorded guitar sounds from that setup? Thanks!
2014 Jan 15
This video is well done but only covers the very basics of single mic recording for anyone wondering. I'm hoping that in a future video more advance techniques could be covered like double micing at diferent distances and how to listen and avoid phase issues that arise from dual micing the same source. Even covering different cabs like dual or triple micing a single speaker, 2x12, & 4x12 cabs. That to me sounds like a natural sequel to this video. Hopefully it's being considered.
2013 Dec 10
thanks for the perspective, from yonder.....
Eric Vo
2013 Aug 01
Good summing of the angle/axis! Listen extra closely at 05:00-05:06 =)
2013 Jul 04
Great, but you should better explain the routing between the DI, DAW and amplifier! Beautiful examples of the various microphones. Thanks.
2013 Feb 05
Dear Fab! Amazing Videos, I Love them all! I record lots of guitar and I love the idea of using a DI Routing that you showed us. One question: I use Logic Pro as my main DAW, I own a Presonus 16.0.2 Mixer with 12 Xmax Preams, and other basic goodies. however I cannot route the signal back from my mixer to another DI, & to the amp. My daw/mixer's firewire input/outputs are just not able to route to an aux output at all... And suggested Gear I can invest in to do the trick?
2012 Nov 05
Excellent Tutorial and nicely surrounded around reamping ! Cheers! bigtree
2012 Nov 01
@Fab: great news! Looking forward to the wav-files. Thanks!
Fabulous Fab
2012 Oct 31
@dagovitsj: WAV files coming when Sandy gives us our power back.
Fabulous Fab
2012 Oct 31
@strangedays: we are thinking of making a 'get a good guitar sound' video for different styles. And inviting specialists for every style. It'll be a sec but ti'll be very instructive.
Fabulous Fab
2012 Oct 31
@Rutherford:I reamp everything I can until the artist starts to complain
2012 Oct 30
Crazy how one inch makes a difference, "That's what she said, lol" Great video as always. Bless and hope everyone is good over there at flux after SANDY.
2012 Oct 30
Thanks for a great video! I did a course in recording 6 months ago only micing acoustic guitars in a church with different microphones and recording set ups. It was really an ear-opener, guitars have so many different colors and nuances, and getting the sound you want by placing the mic(s) in the right spot also makes the mixing a lot easier, in my experience! Great to be reminded of that this also is true with amps and electric guitars! Is it by any chance possible to let us download the wav-files? it's very convenient in the other tutorials here ;)
2012 Oct 28
Ok Fab: go on this way ! Another great lesson. But ... instead of recording my guitar with a C12 I'll prefer to have a good breakfast for years !
2012 Oct 25
Great video. I appreciate the Mic postioning just wondering on whether you can expand on this by going into gain adjustment, amp eq, and different heads. I always find getting high gain sounds tricky as they can be harsh. Also layering using less gain?
2012 Oct 24
Thanks again for the great vid, worth every penny. ps Does Fab/Flux reamp many different instruments or primarily guitar/bass/keys tracks?
2012 Oct 24
Great video !!!! ;)
2012 Oct 24
Hi! A really useful video. It shows how important it is to listen and finetune you mic positions.
2012 Oct 23
Great video as always....some really good insight on getting that great guitar amp sound that eludes us so often