Recording Will Knox with George Massenburg

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In this video the illustrious George Massenburg records Will Knox singing and playing guitar at the same time.

He explains every step he takes, the reasons behind decisions like moving the performer, changing microphone and using Eq.

He also shares insights and great inspiration about the spirit of recording music for the right reasons.

If you would like to know more about George Massenburg please visit his website.

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If you would like to know more about the amazing Will Knox, please visit his website.

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George Massenburg

George Massenburg has participated in over four hundred records over the past 45 years. His studio work has gained him international recognition and four Grammys.

In 1982, he founded George Massenburg Labs, a pioneering audio electronics company that has released an extensive range of innovative recording technologies, all based on his original designs.



Wind & Fire

Linda Ronstadt

Lyle Lovett

Aaron Neville

Natasha Bedingfield

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2019 Dec 30
I found this eye-opening. The examples of "vocal focus" were evident. I'm not sure if those settings would remain the same after drums, bass, etc. were added. It would wonderful to see George and Fab do a mix with more instruments! So much to learn!
2019 Feb 19
Wow… I say it again, this site is a pot of gold; thx guys!
2019 Jan 17
This is pretty much a Sanken Mic commercial. Do it, but teach science, yes, if OVER again, instead of teaching " I love this mic"..
Juan J. Bermúdez
2018 Oct 18
Hi Fab, I loved the video and I was very surprised. What happens is that I see that in the video George uses the EQ to reach that sound that he has in his head and that sounds very good, as if he was already mixed. Then I find another video where Al Schmitt does not use eq when recording and looking for another microphone or another position. Honestly what is your opinion about it? Thanks Juan
2016 Nov 29
Just wow... it's an inspiration to watch these guys work... Great Information.
2016 Nov 29
Wow. That is the acoustic sound I've been looking for. So warm, full, 3D and clear. My mouth is watering.
2016 Mar 23
Fantastic insight into the process, thank you for sharing. Are there any plans to do more videos with Mr Massenburg?
2015 Nov 25
It's always great to see this kind of instructional video with George Massenburg and Fab DuPont. They are the best! And I love the sound of that vintage Neve console! Where can I get one of those? I used to have one, just like that but then... I needed the money so, I sold it. This looks a little like it. Wish I had four limiters built into my console like that? I've heard those are real nice sounding. So why isn't George Massenburg using GML equipment? Why is he using that old Neve? Doesn't his equipment sound better? Couldn't he find a better studio control room than this?
2015 Sep 07
Great Video
Fabulous Fab
2015 Jul 23
@PSW: pureMix on the treadmill. Amazing. I wish I had that kind of willpower. We'll make sure we pick enough songs @120bpm to support your routine.
2015 Jul 14
Awesome stuff, Fab. I watch the vids early in the morning while I'm on the treadmill at the gym, sometimes. Very often, your sense of humor has me, literally, laughing out loud. People look at me kinda funny, but I just tell 'em, "yo, back off; I'm watchin' Fab Dupont!!!...". They scurry away mumbling desperate apologies! Love this site. Money well spent! THANK YOU!
2015 Apr 01
watching the patience and meticulous nature in which he created space for the vocal be starting at the guitar EQ first is a great lesson. I love watching these old school guys.
2015 Mar 09
Hi! I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of some of that guitar string scratching noise ,other than eq-ing it out later? Thanks. P.S. Great song Will!Looking forward to new album
2015 Jan 08
Génial Fab de voir George a l'oeuvre. Je suis l'un de c plus grand fan, Un génie dans la constance de son travail , rien n'est laisser au hasard avec lui. On sais que l'on est dans la cour des grands lorsque que l'on peu compter George Massenburg dans ses amis :) Bravo Fab et merci de nous avoir fait partager et longue vie à Flux Studio.
Fabulous Fab
2015 Jan 06
@Wiz: I think that you got the point actually. That's how George worked on that session. He did not really intellectualize about that stuff. He listened to the song and did what he did. To me, that's the most interesting part. He puts the mics up, switches the mics, eqs what he does not like. It's gut engineering. To be able to see that, which is basically impossible to witness otherwise, felt like a privilege to us, so we thought we'd share.
2015 Jan 02
* info on sanken mics aren't impossible to come by (correction from below)
2015 Jan 02
@wiz, If you honestly can't pickup anything of value from the entire rest of the cache of videos here on puremix, maybe you should be teaching them instead. It could just be me , but it's not hard to figure out what he's using in terms of patterns and info on sankens mics are impossible to come by. As for phase correlation, if you're watching on studio monitors or good head phones, you'll see that the techniques he used weren't suffering from any discernible phase issues, so you could start by emulating this technique. Also, as you can see, Fab reads these comments and responds. Try asking?
2014 Dec 24
beautiful song.
2014 Dec 05
2014 Dec 03
Honestly, I was a little disappointed. Felt a little bit like it wasn't in depth enough. Phase always seems to be the biggest hurdle when doing this type of set up (singer guitarist) and there was nothing about mic pattern, rejection, phase adjustment. etc. i actually bought a 3 month subscription to watch just this video.. feel flat about it.
Pale Pyramid
2014 Dec 01
Dude knows a thing or two about frequencies, phase and Mic placement. More Massenburg please!
Fabulous Fab
2014 Dec 01
I'm getting a lot of questions about where to find more info on the Sanken mics. Here you go:
Fabulous Fab
2014 Dec 01
@ravian: that's pretty much where you should record to have headroom. I preach -18. George keeps even more conservative.
Fabulous Fab
2014 Dec 01
@White Cat Studio: all mics in this video are cardio. The microphone position is pretty much what you see in the video. A picture is worth a thousand words.
2014 Nov 30
That was very inspirational. Loved how he encouraged and had contact with Will. What i also noticed that the levels of the recording where pretty low. -22 or so. usually i aim for the top of the green of the meter in pro-tools. Did mister Massenbug explain to you Fab why he tracked so low? Thank you.. Fab & George PS: Fab, Please bring mister Massenburg back for more videos... Greets , Ravian
2014 Nov 29
Edmunds Studio This was a very informative video, its great to see the pro's in action great work Mr Massenburg and Fab. mikeyed
2014 Nov 28
Whaouh, I am voice less, amazing! Thanks for sharing with us this session. Mr Massenburg, Will and Fab you are all great. Regards from France.
2014 Nov 27
Watching a master at his craft is amazing. Would love to see this done with mics that cost less than my car however. Great video.
2014 Nov 27
Love that you offer so many various ways to help teach the art of recording/mixing. Thanks and look forward to many more!
2014 Nov 26
Just plain fantastic inspiration The perfect continuation of Fab's videos on getting it at the source inspired by George inspired by Fab :) Thank you !
White Cat Studio
2014 Nov 26
Another great video from Fab and of course Mr Massenburg.... And what a great song from Will, really love it ;-)... Fab can you describe the pattern and the microphones position a little? Thanks.. We want more :D