Rich Keller Mixing Hip Hop 808s

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808s are a staple of hip hop productions and can be exciting yet challenging to mix. They often do the kick drum and bass line's job to fill out the bottom of your mix and take up their fair share of space. When mixed properly, they can shake the block like an earthquake.

But how do you make them slam on small speakers? How much is too much?

In this exclusive, Hip Hop mixing guru, Rich Keller, breaks down his approach to making massive sounding 808s and the low end he is known for. Hip hop moguls like Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Nipsey Hussle, Swizz Beats, Jadakiss, Nas, DMX, The Notorious B.I.G. and many many more call on Rich to make sure their tracks have the low-end power they need, and now Rich is here to teach you how to make your mixes thump like his.

See how Rich Keller:

  • Explains the history of the track
  • Dissects the low-end elements
  • Explains his process for dealing with a two-track loop that is slightly diffuse and out of phase
  • Discusses the issues that come with having multiple instruments occupying the low end
  • Shows his process for making an 808 that will shake the floor even through tiny speakers
  • Uses stock logic compressors to extend the length of the 808 to fit the groove of the track
  • Uses a resonant subfilter to clean up the bottom of the mix, keep the 808 contained, and add some distortion to soak up the transient

Watch Rich Keller mix "Thru The Pain" from Adolf The Assassin. Only on

Equipment & Software


  • Brainworks bx_2098 EQ
  • Brainworks bx_subfilter
  • Channel EQ
  • Compressor
  • UAD Oxford Envolution
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Rich Keller

With 4 Grammy Award nominations, 29 Platinum albums, and over 75 million albums sold, it is no surprise that Rich has continued to be a first call mixer and producer for hip hop and R&B royalty like Snoop Dogg, DMX, Jay Z, Nipsey Hussle Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne, Mariah Carey, Method Man, Rick Ross, and many many more.

Rich's career spans the breadth of hip hop since 1992, earning him official "OG" status.

Rich attended North Texas State University and the City College of New York where he studied jazz bass with legendary bassist Ron Carter.



P Diddy


Snoop Dog

The Lox

Method Man

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2021 Oct 05
Great video, straight to the point and addressing some real-world problem solving, which is great and not so common around here! Keep bringing more hip-hop stuff! And @daniel.wolff, that plugin is an emulation of hardware, so I believe if he let it overload the output its because he liked what it did to the sound! I believe gainstaging is more about being aware of what is happening and finding the sweet spots than necessarily avoiding clipping at all stages. Sometimes the grit is wanted, and it is a big part of hip hop sound. Cheers!
2021 Aug 23
I mess with the bx_subfilter plug -in! It really does so much with just those 4 knobs and selections.
Phantom Studios
2020 Nov 18
Awesome video, straight to the point. Thank you!
2020 Nov 10
This musical genre is not really my thing, but his explanations/demonstrations are very clear and very interesting.
Star Jee
2020 Nov 08
Thanks ! luv' it. Keep on put in more hip hop tracks. Great song from 8 off.
2020 Nov 07
Great explanations of what the plugins are doing to the waveform and why you are using it. Thanks!
Filipe Costa
2020 Nov 06
Great video!
2020 Nov 06
Awesome! Love that there is hip hop!
2020 Nov 05
Great video. I was just wondering why he didn't take care of the clipping in the drum loop. There was no gainstaging and it clipped in the plugin chain. Is it just me who is too finical or should you take care of it as a mixing engineer? Maybe it is genre related and it fits the track... Dunno
2020 Nov 05
Love the explanations and before and afters. Really helps.
2020 Nov 04
That boi tight mane keep em coming y'all ✌
2020 Nov 04
Finally some hip-hop! :) Great video!