Ryan West Mixing With Softube Plugins

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See how Ryan West mixes an entire song using only the plugins included in Softube Volume 1. He explains not just what he's doing but why, giving you insights as to how a Grammy nominated mix engineer approaches a mix.

He walks your through his entire mixing process and shows you how to:

  • Continuously balance a mix and build the sonic landscape track by track
  • Enhance badly recorded guitars
  • Replace a plain sub bass track with a deeper and richer sound from Modular
  • Create a soundstage around the vocal and place the acoustic elements in a complimentary space
  • Use subtle EQ moves to create perfect spaces for instruments to sit together in the mix
  • Set up the mix bus for the final touches before exporting the mix
  • Exercise Files Available In 5 Popular DAWs

    Available in the 5 most popular DAWs

Exercise files
Equipment & Software

Softube Volume 1:

  • Summit Audio Grand Channel
  • FET Compressor
  • Trident A-Range
  • Drawmer S73
  • Saturation Knob
  • Vintage Amp Room
  • Bass Amp Room
  • Fix Flanger & Doubler
  • TSAR-1 Reverb
  • Tube Delay
  • Heartbeat
  • Modular

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Ryan West

In addition to many Platinum, Gold and Diamond RIAA certifications, he's been twice nominated for the Album of the Year Grammy and has a further seven nominations to his credit as a mixing and recording engineer.

A skilled multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Ryan also produces music for major label artists, film and television.

As of 2017, over 70 million albums have been sold worldwide that contain a credit to Ryan West. After moving to NYC from Youngstown, Ohio in 1997 he took a job at Sam Ash Music Store in Times Square where he began to buy recording equipment to record his own projects. A self-taught recordist, Ryan was approached by a music store client who needed help recording in his home. The client turned out to be an influential producer and A&R with Island Records. Over the following 12 months or so, he worked tirelessly to improve his abilities while recording Gospel artists like Dee Dee Warwick, Benjamin Love and others. At this time, Protools Digital audio Workstations were quickly gaining traction as the future of studio recording technology. From that early stage, Ryan developed an impressive level of speed and accuracy while recording and editing. He soon found out that those skills were exactly what the NYC hiphop community wanted and needed.

Taking the helm as chief engineer at the now defunct Soho Music Studios exposed him to top hip-hop artists and their production teams. For the next 4 years, he developed his skills as a recordist and mixer while he built relationships with artists and producers who were on their way to the top. One of those producers was Just "Just Blaze" Smith. Signing on with his management N.Q.C. Management in 2003, Ryan began a whirlwind of work with Blaze and some of the world's most successful artists and producers. He hasn't stopped working since.

Ryan helped forge the sound of hip-hop and rap music as we know it today by working with artists such as Eminem, Kanye West, Usher, Rihanna, Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Kid Cudi...



Kanye West


Ritchie Havens



Featured Artists and Musics
Chansz Odero

Chansz Odero is a singer, songwriter, performer who has written songs for various artists and has set out a positive message for young people. She has recently finished her three hit singles, "I'm Not Waiting On You," "Do You," and "Planet Hero." Chansz has gained thousands of twitter fans who support her movement and her music has been featured on power 105.1 in NYC and

  • White Lines

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2022 Apr 20
Is anyone else experiencing audio/video off sync?
2021 Oct 07
I find this song containing way too many elements. When it comes to the overall impression, these elements seem unnecessary, Just filling up computer space. The choir sounds out of pitch in some places and instants. I think less is more and this proves that view. You have to listen very carefully to even notice the choir and certainly the cellos.
2021 Mar 09
i dont understand how with the choir and organ you pan choir left andorgan right on your reverb but you use the same bus and reverb how is this possible??
2021 Feb 14
The final YouTube video credits: Mixed by Keller McDivitt So what happened?
Martin MIha 7
2020 Aug 29
Thank You so much Ryan !
2020 Jun 27
I'm sure you didn't deliver all the candy !!!
Isaac Jean
2020 May 23
Hey Ryan, this is your old friend Isaac that came over to your place for private mixing sessions. Thank you for teaching me but I have so much more to learn. Love this video. I'm gonna def joint Puremix.
2020 Jan 10
Great tutorial, as always!
2017 Oct 17
Kickin ass, Nice Work.
2017 Jun 10
I remember when I finished listening his finished song and he said " sound like a mix" I said yah right it sound like a rough mix to me.
2017 Jun 10
The whole this tutorial is nonsense. For a person who listened to the original and tries to add element doesn't take a geniuses that Ryan has failed the production big time. Making the choir disappear from the mix is a big mistake. The music doesn't even drive the way he mixed it. It looks like it is full of noise. He has to ask again himself it is a hip hop? If the way he is mixing is not influenced by Softube sponsorship I'm sure he was not concentrated making the drum dominate the mix. Since the intention is to advertise the Softube plugin, he killed the vibe of the whole music structure.
2017 May 01
Really great at explaining your thought process! Great video thanks so much! :)
2017 Apr 19
great teacher!! i really appreciate your work. thanks a lot.
2017 Apr 11
I really like the concept of using something else, away from Slate, Waves, etc..pp.. IMHO I find its either being creative with the tools you have at hand, or be on the safe side with stuff you know in and out. And it doesn't matter whether it is an EQ from ABC oder XYZ. In the End the doing all the same. I learned a lot, again, and I hope theres more coming :-) Thanks Ryan.
2017 Jan 17
hello, any chance for Nuendo project file? I can't open Cubase project file in latest Nuendo (Nuendo crash).
2016 Dec 30
Hello! Very well explained! I love it! Ryan West is a great teacher. I wish I could have access to the Cubase project! Thanks in advance!
2016 Dec 12
Hi, when we can see the subtitles? thanks
2016 Dec 04
Any idea when CUBASE will be online?
2016 Nov 25
The exercise wav files are numbered, but the following numbers are missing: 7,18,21. Were they inadvertently left off, or were they not used in the final session? Thanks.
2016 Nov 19
I want mentors that think outside of the standard SSL/1176. I want to see them work through the mix in real time like Fab does. Making their choices on "gut instinct" when listening to the tracks for the first time. For me this is very important. While I don't need another set of plugin tools, the subscription model lets me "try them" so I can build a set of tools that work for me and that I understand how they work to give me the "sound" I need/or hear in my head.
2016 Nov 14
Love it love it love it. Love the Grandchannel.
2016 Nov 14
The final mix is lovely but it was enough to completely turn me off investing in Softube plugins. I do really like the Heartbeat synth but think I'm going to pass on that too. Another great tutorial in any case.
2016 Nov 13
I honestly do question some of the things Ryan does on his tutorials, but I am 100% proven wrong by the end when I hear the final mix. Most of his tricks and techniques are pretty far removed from the rest of the mentors and I really appreciate watching him do things outside of using the SSL Channel Strip and Classic Compressors. Refreshing video PM, great work!
2016 Nov 11
Sorry my friend but i think your mixing judgments is driven by the lake of plugins options ( coz you just decide to work with just Softube plugins in this video ) Good effort but hard-luck :)
2016 Nov 09
The Final Mix was incredible. Thank you