Start to Finish: Greg Wells - Episode 11 - Mastering Part 1

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Since episode one, we have seen Greg and Bryce create a perfectly crafted song, powerful arrangement, and energetic, artfully sculpted mix.

In part 1 of the conclusion to Greg Wells Start To Finish Series, Greg takes the final mix of Bryce Drew's "Lucky Number" to Magic Garden Mastering to work with world-renowned mastering engineer, Brian Lucey, to take the incredible mix he did on the console in Studio A of Sunset Sound to the next level.

Watch as Brian and Greg:

  • Discuss the production and history of the song
  • Break down their mastering workflow on productions they have worked on like The Greatest Showman, Cats, and many more.
  • Explain Brian's mastering chain
  • Uses Mid/Side compression to control peaks and open up the mix
  • Show their technique for enhancing a mix done in the analog domain where recall is not possible, and they still want to enhance elements in the mix.
  • Discuss the importance of musicality in engineers and producers to communicate in the production process and ultimately convey the artist's vision.
  • Use mastering techniques to keep the energy building throughout the production
  • Tweak the lead vocal sound, just from the stereo mix.

This is your chance to see what an attended mastering session looks like with two of the world's most highly regarded music creators, in real-time.

Watch the rest of the series here.

Equipment & Software


  • Mytek 8x192 DA
  • Focusrite Blue 315 MkII
  • Elysia Alpha
  • Fairman TMEQ
  • Pacific Microsonics AD
  • Waves L2 Limiter
  • Crane Song HEDD
  • Bricasti M1


  • Sequoia
    • Fab Filter Pro-C2
    • Fab Filter Pro-Q2
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    Greg Wells

    Grammy award-winning, Canadian musician, songwriter, and record producer, Greg Wells, has been dubbed “A Swiss Army Knife” in the recording studio by the legendary Stewart Copeland for good reason.

    As a multi-instrumentalist, he has the ability to artfully mold his productions with incredible precision, craftsmanship, and most importantly, taste. Combining his musicianship with his uncanny abilities as a producer, engineer, and mixer, he has seen album sales top 120 million, with streaming numbers in the billions. With a B.

    His diverse list of credits includes superstars such as Adele, Dua Lipa, Twenty One Pilots, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, Celine Dion, Deftones, Kid Cudi, Weezer, OneRepublic, Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams, Aerosmith and so many more that we would need a really long scroll bar to list them all. 

    Greg has seen monumental success recently with the release of the motion picture soundtrack for “The Greatest Showman”, which he not only produced but played on as well.


    The Greatest Showman


    Katy Perry

    Twenty One Pilots

    Grace VanderWaal

    Dua Lipa

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    2022 Jul 16
    No exercise files? Why not just a simple before and after so we can hear a HD comparison in the DAW?
    2021 Nov 17
    The sound is distorted, so this video is not up to par with the rest of this series
    2021 Aug 15
    2021 Jun 30
    Unfortunately its seems to be clipping or distorting :(
    2020 Oct 31
    Hi, I'm interested in what exactly is causing distortion - i guess when he engaged the analog chain first time, there is some saturation going on in the chain. What is it? sounds so sweet, but think it was the overkill at the point. Thanks
    2020 Oct 23
    I need to add to the general consensus on this one. I watched this StF series all the way through to this video. As probably anyone else would agree, once you've heard this song for hours and hours, you come to realize just how well performed and mixed it is by the end of the previous video. You know it as if you'd done it yourself. Then this video drops. And so does my interest. I'll have to fight to watch the rest of this one and any others if they sound like this. The final on Spotify is overcooked on the top end, but here, the bottom end is just a disaster. Hooray for mastering.
    2020 Aug 04
    The bromance is strong in this one. ha nice!
    2020 Apr 28
    So much clipping/distortion due to crushing that there isn't a way to listen to the subtle differences. I thought/hoped that the loudness wars were already over.
    2020 Apr 28
    Supongo que por una mala edición o grabación del video la versión procesada del tema está distorsionada... mal asunto :( I suppose that due to a bad editing or recording of the video, the processed version of the theme is distorted ... bad matter :(
    2020 Apr 03
    Totally distorted, it is impossible to understand what he is doing.
    2020 Mar 29
    Bonjour peut on avoir des sous titre fr svp video au top merci greg
    2020 Mar 27
    Où l'on voit que les rencontres, le talent et l'humilité sont des ingrédients précieux. Merci de nous offrir cette belle série en période de confinement. Merci pour la façon dont tout cela est filmé et mis en boîte. Monsieur Fab bravo pour les images. J'ai l'impression que c'est vous aussi derrière Mr Périné. Et surtout courage pour la vague qui vous arrive dessus à NY en ce moment. Moi je suis à Paris et jamais je n'ai été aussi assidu à puremix dans mon petit studio. Enfermé.. confiné.. mais content d'apprendre.
    2020 Mar 20
    Translate please. Thank You!
    2020 Mar 20
    I loved this whole series so so much! The energy between Greg and Bryce is so so great! I learned so much. For me, the best lesson about this whole recording session is how to maintain a great energy inside of the studio, how to be humble and always be open to new ideas. Greg was always saying "I don't know" "Let's try", and in my opinion that is one of the greatest examples of how to be a great producer, musician and person. Bryce had a lovely smile and great humour all across these days. I'm in love with the whole production. PS: They explained the Kick issue in Q+A.
    2020 Mar 07
    "Each single important, every record a career." I love those words. I used to always think "If I just finish this song and do a good enough job, I'll learn some things and I can start the next song and do a better job with that." Nonsense. I wrote, recorded, mixed, and released an entire album in 6 months in 2018. Immediately after uploading it to Spotify, I heard 1,000 things wrong with it. I was very unhappy with it. I learned from that. My current project I've been working on for 18 months (part time). I'm learning much more and sharpening my skills to new levels. It's a mindset.
    2020 Mar 07
    something is wrong with the audio. please fix we need listen good to understand what they are doing.
    2020 Feb 16
    There is an issue, probably caused by a bad video editing, the master is totally distorded. That is really annoying. Please fix it !
    Sara Carter
    2020 Feb 15
    Love the content but I agree with the others that the kick sounds distorted, which is a shame for a mastering video.
    2020 Feb 07
    Is there something fishy going on with the audio? That kick sounds totally butchered.
    2020 Feb 06
    Hey. Thy for your effort but I think the Kick for example still distorts.. fuzzes up too much. Compared to Ep.10 "Printing the mix" where it is much much better.
    2020 Feb 06
    Wow I’ve arrived...
    2020 Feb 06
    Thank you, Puremix team. You are the best!
    2020 Feb 05
    Don’t delete Chuckswice’s cranky comments - they rule!
    2020 Feb 05
    Dear sharp-eared pureMixers: We have Identified an issue with the soundtrack of this video and swiftly addressed it. Please enjoy the new experience!
    2020 Feb 01
    Wow, great job on this final mix to master...very clean mix..Love the tweaks and the education to EQ sections of the mix...Impressive tutorial.. Fantastic song. Thanks for doing this series too.