Start to Finish: Greg Wells - Episode 12 - Mastering Part 2

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In the final episode of Greg Well's Epic Start To Finish Series, Greg and Brian Lucey of Magic Garden Mastering, complete the master of Bryce Drew's "Lucky Number".

In part 1 of this two part mastering video, Greg and Brian cleaned up some areas of the mix with digital EQ, did broad tonal shaping with Brian's well curated analog mastering chain, and focused on a few key moments of the song with specific techniques.

In part 2, watch as Brian and Greg:

  • Discuss Loudness
  • Emphasize the bass
  • Discuss revisions, communication, and collaboration
  • Fix some "crunchiness"
  • Keep the energy building throughout the master
  • Manage the low end
  • Complete the production of "Lucky Number"!

This is your chance to see what an attended mastering session looks like with two of the world's most highly regarded music creators, in real-time.

Watch the rest of the series here.

Equipment & Software


  • Mytek 8x192 DA
  • Focusrite Blue 315 MkII
  • Elysia Alpha
  • Fairman TMEQ
  • Pacific Microsonics AD
  • Waves L2 Limiter
  • Crane Song HEDD
  • Bricasti M1


  • Sequoia
    • Fab Filter Pro-C2
    • Fab Filter Pro-Q2
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    Greg Wells

    Grammy award-winning, Canadian musician, songwriter, and record producer, Greg Wells, has been dubbed “A Swiss Army Knife” in the recording studio by the legendary Stewart Copeland for good reason.

    As a multi-instrumentalist, he has the ability to artfully mold his productions with incredible precision, craftsmanship, and most importantly, taste. Combining his musicianship with his uncanny abilities as a producer, engineer, and mixer, he has seen album sales top 120 million, with streaming numbers in the billions. With a B.

    His diverse list of credits includes superstars such as Adele, Dua Lipa, Twenty One Pilots, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, Celine Dion, Deftones, Kid Cudi, Weezer, OneRepublic, Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams, Aerosmith and so many more that we would need a really long scroll bar to list them all. 

    Greg has seen monumental success recently with the release of the motion picture soundtrack for “The Greatest Showman”, which he not only produced but played on as well.


    The Greatest Showman


    Katy Perry

    Twenty One Pilots

    Grace VanderWaal

    Dua Lipa

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    2022 May 31
    What a depressing ending of an otherwise above average series! If anything, I learned about a few mistakes to avoid them myself. I also listened to the final release on YouTube Music and really feel sorry for Bryce. It was almost there. But the final mastering and some careless edits in her vocal make the final record sound strained and glitchy. For example, at 1:14 the glitch on the word 'close' is an unforgivable mistake and should never have passed critical listening approval. I just started watching and really hope the other series will be of higher quality.
    Isaac Jean
    2021 Oct 02
    Love watching these videos. I learn soooo much. Is Sequoia only available for PC and not Mac?
    2021 Aug 15
    I can't believe that! The mastering ruined this great song ! THIS IS A grammy winner? Damm!
    2021 Jun 01
    Everything is wonderful until it goes to the mastering part. The mastering just killed all the depth and dynamic. But the rest is fabulous, I really learned a lot! Thank you, Greg, Bryce and Zach. Thank you Puremix!
    2021 Apr 06
    Such a great process, and validating of my own processes, and how I work. Listening to Greg critique is cleverly exactly what most newer Mastering Engineers might never have experience with. Brian is amazing, but he still works with what his client wants. That's what you don't learn from YouTube. My only gripe is that the PureMix streaming quality is lower than the artist release as you can hear on Tidal, so the compression on the bottom here is misleading and too pumping. I urge viewers to go listen to the final release on high-resolution platforms to hear the intended master.
    2021 Mar 27
    Great series from top to bottom. I was really surprised to pull this song up on Spotify and hear an almost completely different mix though! What happened?
    2021 Feb 19
    Amazing series. I am so inspired on so many levels. All of the in-between moments and communication all documented were huge for me to learn by. I love these series. Thank you PureMix, Greg Wells and Bryce.
    2021 Jan 27
    Thank you Gregg and the team for an amazing learning experience!!!
    Uncovered Pitch
    2020 Aug 04
    Loved the whole series from start to finish. What would top it off for me: to find out more about the changes between Master 1 and the Spotify version. To me it sounds like the mix was recalled; for example there's more room on the sidestick and the bass sounds louder and gels with the kick better(sidechain compression?). Also it sounds slightly less crunchy which was a problem that to me plagued the mastering session throughout. It couldn't be the video conversion since the original mix sounded super-clean. Very impressive though how gracefully those two steadied the ship at the end!
    2020 Jul 25
    Thank you to Bryce, Greg, Brian, and the entire pureMix team for this end-to-end look at a production. It was artfully done and very much a creative collaboration. Thank you for sharing the process with us.
    2020 Jul 20
    The video is great. I thank PureMix everytime I watch new series. I learnt a new technique on my favourite compressors. Greg is a good musician and wise producer. But the shock for me was to hear the end product. It sounds complete rubbish after mastering. Dirty low end and heavily overcompressed mix killed the music. That's SO unprofessional for such rated producers. I think PureMix knows about it, but they still decided to publish it. That's really very strange. What are they teaching us then? Dear Fab, I know, your ears are Gold. You should explain the audience how it could happen.
    2020 Jun 22
    I actually like the pre-mastered version more than the mastered version. It sounds more natural, in my opinion. Listening to the released song on Amazon music, it sounds a little too compressed for my liking.
    2020 May 06
    Something wrong in the audio? I can't really ear what they are doing.. audio is too distorted for me. It is hard to "study" music stuff looking at a video..
    2020 Apr 27
    Subs in spanish please!
    2020 Apr 26
    definitely a 5 stars for me!!! Great class top to bottom, production to mastering - such a great wealth of useful information. But guys don't leave us in the dark!!! What happened between this and Spotify/Youtube version? I can definitely hear an improved low end - kick has a better attack, it's round and punchy, snare body @150-200 low mids became solid and better defined and the overall song eq is different. Was it a recall with drum augmentation? track remastered? Puremix, please go the full distance and teach your students the secret to the final release? Thanks!!!
    2020 Mar 29
    Bonjour peut on avoir des sous titre fr svp video au top merci greg wells
    2020 Mar 27
    Job well done. But i ain't feeling that kick, too heavy
    2020 Mar 22
    The whole series Is great, really great! But the master? I don't like it. For me the song sounded fresher and matched the artist better before mastering. Maybe the mastering was a bit heavy handed, particularly the distortion in the bass drum? For me it does not "up" the song...
    2020 Feb 25
    What an amazing series! Greg is so inspiring, and really fun. Listening to the track on Spotify (and Deezer), it sounds quite different from the final master in the video. Were there some revisions after all?
    2020 Feb 24
    Amazing series. And ear-opener. I really learned a lot from it. Thanks, Greg, Brian, and Bryce. Really, really appreciate it.
    2020 Feb 16
    In the end of this looooong story, distortion from hackintosh. Back to console mix. Less is more...
    2020 Feb 12
    @StudioSix - if it were the video host, then the distortion would still be there when they switch to Greg's original mix, but it's not. When they switch back to the original, it sounds glorious. It's such a shame.
    2020 Feb 11
    Amazing moments with gold in the casual banter. For the sound, I wonder if the video streaming host is altering the master.
    2020 Feb 11
    Looks like a nightmare having the whole band, the producer and the mixing engineer present at your mastering session ;)
    2020 Feb 09
    Absolutely fabulous series -- thank you Greg, Bryce, Zach, Brian and the entire Pure Mix crew! Keep 'em coming!
    2020 Feb 08
    Masterpiece!! From the beginning to the end. Thank you so much to all for sharing this. It's difficult for me to tell how this is valuable for a hobbyist like me but what I can say is that it has definitely changed and improved a lot the way I record and mix. Merci!
    2020 Feb 08
    Following the other comments: Yes, great series thank you! But still the kick is butchered. The printed mix is much better.
    2020 Feb 08
    WOW.....What a great series. Artist has to be overwhelmed with joy with this fine piece of work. Great song, great engineer/producer and Brians final touches. Thanks for this. Best yet on Puremix.....besides Fabs tutorials. :)
    2020 Feb 08
    super moment partager avec Greg Bryce et Brian j'espère que PureMix renouvellera ce type d'expèrience on y apprend beaucoup à commencer par l'humilité de ces grands personnage du monde musical..merci merci merci !!! bien sur la qualité de l'audio n'est certainement pas au niveau bien que amélioré par rapport à la première partie du mastering.. cela ne m'empêche pas ne m'être régaler(bananas in english? Yep! ) Denis please again
    2020 Feb 08
    First I'd like to thank PureMix for this wonderful series. I'm a great admirer of both Greg's and Brian's work, so I imagine the clipped sound of the presented master has nothing to do with what was achieved in the studio and is the result of some faulty edit or conversion? Please fix this if possible, as the current state is not a good representation of this up to this point absolutely well done production. Best regards from Germany and keep up the good work!
    2020 Feb 08
    That distortion in the master is still killing me. :( It's such a great song, and well performed. I feel like these guys must not be hearing what is coming through the video's audio. Every time the kick drum hits, there's a nasty clipping and distortion that is depressing.
    2020 Feb 08
    This whole series has been excellent. I've commented earlier in praise of Greg and Bryce, but I want to add my compliments to the Puremix video crew who captured both visual and behinid-the-scenes audio that lets us feel like we're right there. No easy feat! Congratulations.
    2020 Feb 07
    Great conclusion to the best PureMix videos of all time, in my humble opinion. Thanks Greg!
    2020 Feb 07
    It was nice of you to send an email following up my comment on the last video but I don't really agree with you that the issue of the distortion has been fixed. I've worked with radio presenters most of my life and most of them will say they're only as good as their last programme. I have no doubt that Greg and Brian have produced a lovely master but I can't hear it here and if you haven't captured the session honestly I think you'd be better off pulling the final two eps and leaving the series in the recording studio
    2020 Feb 07
    This guy is awesome.. I love watching his work .. I have leArnt a lot regarding composition, mixing, production and mastering .. thank you Greg for your inspiration .. each mix I produce contains the qualities I’ve learned from your experience!
    2020 Feb 07
    I guess he’ll be getting a mix credit.