Start to Finish: Jacquire King - Episode 11 - Comping The Lead Vocal

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With some incredible vocals in place, Jacquire and the team review the takes to create a comp and assess where they are.

  • Compensates for the the delay of autotunes processing during the recording of the vocal takes
  • Explains what it means when musicians say "ahead" or "behind" the beat
  • Reviews the notes comp vocal with Rich and creates a game plan for vocal punches
  • Goes through takes with Rich to find a performance Rich is happy with
  • Navigates making Rich feel as comfortable as possible with recording in front of cameras and still getting the vocal he is after

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Jacquire King

Award-winning Producer, Engineer, and Mixer, Jacquire King, has worked with some of the world’s most influential artists in every role you can imagine in a recording studio. From being an acclaimed recordist to mixing and producing multi-platinum records (9X in the case of Kings Of Leon) by superstars like Kaleo, Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, Norah Jones, Buddy Guy, Cold War Kids, MuteMath, Melissa Etheridge, and James Bay.

To date, Jacquire has received several awards for his meticulous attention to detail and unique approach to creating records that withstand the test of time.

His discography is well-known for the variety of music encompassed from the past 20 years. When you see Jacquire’s tutorials on pureMix, you will have the chance to sit next to a true master at work, who strives to enhance the artist's vision and serve the songs he helps deliver to the masses.


Kings of Leon

Tom Waits

James Bay

Modest Mouse

Buddy Guy

Norah Jones

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2021 Mar 18
As an artist myself, like most of us prob, I gotta shout out Rich on these. Everyone handled themselves beautifully. Really impressed with each member of the team and the whole band nailed their parts like session vets. Rich, though...beastmode. Singing is so personal. To get these takes with the spirit, pocket, and punch that he did, with all the cameramen buzzing 'round his zone is incredible to me. Who knows, maybe it would create a painful brand of inspiration, but I'm really not sure I could do it. Big ups to you, homie.
2021 Jan 14
As a Singer i find what tends to happen is you are so accustomed to a particular performance, his demo for example, and when it's time to "Record the Vocal for real" you miss elements of the previous performance that hinder your ability to like the new one. I completely get it as it has happened to me. I have a strong feeling that once he is removed from his previous vocal, the demo that I'm sure he's heard many times, he would realize the new tracks are much better than he is perceiving at this time. His head is getting in the way of his ability to objectively "hear" what he has. my .02
2021 Jan 12
Another great video. The reminder to always leave a trail of bread-crumbs really helps drum it in! It’s understandable how the artist can feel things a bit magnified under the circumstances, but the entire vibe is really cool from where I sit. I also think it’s easy to get yourself bound up in details, (like you’re buying a house but you’re worried about the washer and dryer.) Really, seems to me they’ve already got the record on tape and those vocals might end up subjectively “better” but they’re already awesome… So no worries! Thanks for letting us in your session.
2021 Jan 10
Jacquire and tech are doing a great job. Some parts I saw no difference and would have moved on, meter is running. Excellent series, thanks much for doing this and taking the time documenting to show your approach.
2021 Jan 09
This series is incredible. Thank you so much for not editing out the unsettled bits. I love it that the gear and all the technical stuff has taken a back seat to the humanity and emotion of making music and that everyone in the room is working together to get the best take. Thanks to the band and to Rich for being willing to allow our group of students into this session. Thanks to Jacquire for the master class in positive, steady guidance. Thanks to Kolton and Danny for for the engineering and pro tools bad-assery that kept the session focused on the song.
2021 Jan 09
Great music is made by great human beings... , thank you guys to share with us !
2021 Jan 09
Jacquire's wrap up at the very end of the video is the essence of what I love in those series. I'm feeling so fortunate to be a witness of that amazing production process. Thank you so much guys!
2021 Jan 09
How Jacquire acts is spot on. He's technical side is inching forward but he pauses and actually hears the artist out and accommodates well.
2021 Jan 08
It's so refreshing to see Jacquire's approach and how supportive he and his assistant are to trying different ideas and hearing the lead vocalists comments. I've been in the same position myself and it's so important to hear the artist & provide them the safety & support they need to get the best takes possible. Great job!
White Cat Studio
2021 Jan 08
Another great episode!! And the words of Jacquire at the end are fantastic. Music is about feelings and sometimes, it could be hard to manage them... Thanks Jacquire!
2021 Jan 08
The emotional back and forth during the comping is really cool to watch. This is such a wonderful series.
2021 Jan 08
The ending is worth its weight in gold.