Start to Finish: Jacquire King - Episode 2 - Dialing In The Drum Sounds

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Now that Jacquire and the team have a plan and the drum mics in place, it's time to get drum sounds.

In this episode, watch as Jacquire and his assistants Danny and Kolton line check the drums and dial in the sounds.

See how Jacquire King:

  • Line check the drums
  • Explain why audience perspective versus drummer's perspective
  • When to use line input versus mic input on a preamplifier
  • Tune the drums to the key of the song
  • Explain their equalization choices
  • Dials in a distressor on the snare drum
  • Check the phase relationship across multiple microphones
  • Break down their approach to a dirtier mono overhead drum microphone

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Equipment & Software


  • 1974 Custom Neve Console
  • ADR F760 R
  • Distressor
  • GML EQ


  • AKG D12
  • Audix D6
  • Dr. Sample
  • Electro-Voice RE-20
  • MXL R77
  • Mojave MA200
  • Neumann U87
  • Royer SF24
  • Shure SM57
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Jacquire King

Award-winning Producer, Engineer, and Mixer, Jacquire King, has worked with some of the world’s most influential artists in every role you can imagine in a recording studio. From being an acclaimed recordist to mixing and producing multi-platinum records (9X in the case of Kings Of Leon) by superstars like Kaleo, Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, Norah Jones, Buddy Guy, Cold War Kids, MuteMath, Melissa Etheridge, and James Bay.

To date, Jacquire has received several awards for his meticulous attention to detail and unique approach to creating records that withstand the test of time.

His discography is well-known for the variety of music encompassed from the past 20 years. When you see Jacquire’s tutorials on pureMix, you will have the chance to sit next to a true master at work, who strives to enhance the artist's vision and serve the songs he helps deliver to the masses.


Kings of Leon

Tom Waits

James Bay

Modest Mouse

Buddy Guy

Norah Jones

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2021 Jul 22
That engineer took wayyy too much time on the kick mic before even listening to the rest of the kit.
2021 Mar 20
these videos have been so detailed and helpful.
2021 Feb 04
The Drum Tech is a GENIUS!! Who is this man??
2020 Nov 15
Also, in relation to when I said the drummer walked in.... I was talking about the previous video not this one.... I was just so into it, I had to post and share! Forgive me for misspeaking.
2020 Nov 15
I'm not arguing with anyone here.... I am just sharing insight or maybe opening your mind to something you may have never thought of... but I believe the Puremix Pro crowd is different.... we believe in ourselves... we invest.. and the cost of Puremix is a joke compared to the insight we gain.... so take this as you will, but if you think like me, I would love to chat with you... I just love conversations like this and I dont really know anyone at all I can talk to like this, if this resonated or you have similar ideas... please reach out .. cheers thanks Puremix!
2020 Nov 15
Dont get me wrong... it is still the same song... but they took out all the imperfections, they minimized the tape machine imperfections as well... they took a brittle top end and tried to get MORE high end..... all in the name of... we have better gear and technology now...we can make it better? In theory yes... but you lost what originally connected with people..... the emotion.... not the sound of a piece of gear that no one cares about..... just... the emotional feeling of the mix
2020 Nov 15
At the end of the day... every artist is a musician and what shines through is the emotion that they want you to feel.... or it doesnt.... depending on the artists comfort.... gear is much less a factor than insecurity and why I think it is JUST as important to understand psychology and be able to read your artists. They are, after all the true source of the sound, gear can enhance and highlight emotion, but it cannot force what isnt there.. just listen to Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven remaster.... it is such a pathetic song... all the emotion and connection is gone that was in the original.
2020 Nov 15
Emotion that the artist initially wanted to convey without the cloud of their own insecurities coming out (we all know how insecure 95% of artists truly are and it plays a huge factor in the end result, because you can't eq or compress more emotion beyond what they already layed down) There is a moment when the drummer comes in, you can tell he is a little insecure and doesn't exactly love Rich, but he relaxes about 40% as soon as he talks to Jac, he's still tense, but at the end of this series, Jac will have gotten him to relax and focus, pay attention to that, it shows insecurity at work
2020 Nov 15
This series so far demonstrates exactly how much Jacquire is a master of psychology, he knows how to make people work toward the end goal. More importantly he knows how to ask for something without telling someone to do something.... I believe a lot of it is personality, but it is also self-awareness and recognizing this is a strength and capitalizing off of it. One could argue that is just as important as having wonderful gear and great musicians to work with.... the way the musicians feel at the time results directly in how it sounds and allows you to capture the
2020 Nov 14
"With all of the great tools available to adjust it after the fact (like LittleLabs IBP Thanks FAB), " It's not quite the same and still best to get it as best as possible at the source. The thing to do (if possible) is have the drummer drop off the drums, set them up, then tell him to go grab coffee and have your assistant whack things to check phase, make sure lines are good, etc... etc... For sounds, you can always record the drummer a little bit and then flip the console into line mode, send everything out those channels and then tweak your EQ and comp while they go do whatever.
2020 Nov 12
One thing I'd like to mention as a drummer - spending forever getting drum sounds while tracking can kill the vibe. I have been in sessions with engineers who endlessly tweak phase while ordering me to "JUST PLAY KICK HAT AND SNARE", and it's a drag. With all of the great tools available to adjust it after the fact (like LittleLabs IBP Thanks FAB), I'm gonna recommend not asking the drummer to check for longer than 20 minutes, unless you're doing a BIG budget record and have multiple days of drum tracking...
2020 Nov 11
Guys love you but this is so difficult to follow, especially on settings, when the camera is constantly focus hunting . . .
2020 Nov 10
@Carlosferamirez I know why. They messed up the default setting of Superior Drummer 3, so the kits sound spiky and unusable by default. You need to adjust the velocity curve and attack envelope in the drum menu of SD3 to get more natural dynamics. In the SD3 mixer window there is a Level Envelope Release option where you can dampen the release of each drum mic to make the OHs and close mics tighter. Hope this helps, good luck.
2020 Nov 07
Why is it that the snares in this productions sound fat a detailed but when I use something like superior drummer or addictive drums my snares don't sound like this despite they are recorded with impressive drum sets, impressive mics, impressive consoles, impressive gear by Grammy wining engineers in top of the cream studios? Why?
White Cat Studio
2020 Nov 06
Another great video!! I never think to tune the toms exept when it sounds very bad :D... Can it be done with a guitare tuner? Looking forward for the next video!
2020 Nov 06
Drummers love sound checks, it's written on his face :)