Start to Finish: Jacquire King - Episode 25 - Automation Part 2

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In the final episode of Jacquire King’s Start To Finish Series Ft. Oak And Ash, Jacquire makes his final automation moves and tweaks before printing the mix.

See how Jacquire King:

  • Automates the lead vocal into the vocal bus compression
  • Automates the lead vocal return, post compression
  • Rides the lead vocals throughout the song
  • Automates vocal effect returns to add dimension in the choruses
  • Reviews his moves on smaller speakers at a lower volume
  • Makes adjustments to elements that are jumping out and distracting him from the mix
  • Automates the bridge guitars
  • Plays the mix for his assistants and makes final notes
  • Tames the top end and adds ambience to the Juno
  • Creates a unique vocal ambience for the bridge
  • Prints the final mix

Watch Jacquire King, complete the mix of “Keep The Light On” from Oak & Ash. Only on

Exercise files
Equipment & Software


  • Avid Lo-Fi
  • Fab Filter Pro-Q2
  • Process.Audio Sugar
  • Sonnox Osford Limiter
  • UAD 1176 LN Rev E
  • UAD Neve 1073
  • Valhalla Vintage Verb
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Jacquire King

Award-winning Producer, Engineer, and Mixer, Jacquire King, has worked with some of the world’s most influential artists in every role you can imagine in a recording studio. From being an acclaimed recordist to mixing and producing multi-platinum records (9X in the case of Kings Of Leon) by superstars like Kaleo, Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, Norah Jones, Buddy Guy, Cold War Kids, MuteMath, Melissa Etheridge, and James Bay.

To date, Jacquire has received several awards for his meticulous attention to detail and unique approach to creating records that withstand the test of time.

His discography is well-known for the variety of music encompassed from the past 20 years. When you see Jacquire’s tutorials on pureMix, you will have the chance to sit next to a true master at work, who strives to enhance the artist's vision and serve the songs he helps deliver to the masses.


Kings of Leon

Tom Waits

James Bay

Modest Mouse

Buddy Guy

Norah Jones

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2021 May 04
Nice series, thanks so much! But, as other comments stated already, I would love to also see the mastering process as the Spotify final product sounds really different
2021 Apr 26
Will there be a mastering video? That would be very interesting because the master (that we can hear on Spotify, etc.) sounds quite different, it's a very weird feeling after hearing this mix so many times week after week. It seems to me that a lot of Jacquire's detailed work was lost in the master (even in the mix, it was hard for me to really notice a difference...). Thanks a lot to everyone involved, that's so awesome to be able to watch and understand all of this!
2021 Apr 25
Wow!! Fabulous series, one of the best on Puremix. Details, absolutely and it shows. Great job!! Thanks for taking the time doing this..Cheers
2021 Apr 24
Great series. It was a treat to watch JK’s automation rides, throughout. I am *so* lacking in this art! Thank you, pureMix, for providing the full song for the exercise/mix contest. Nice work, everyone, and thanks to Oak & Ash — great song, vocals, and band!
2021 Apr 24
Matías M2O
2021 Apr 24
Nice series! Mastering it's not included in STF series anymore? Too bad.