Start to Finish: Jimmy Douglass - Episode 11 - Mixing Part 1

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With the production complete, and the files exported, it is finally time to take the "Light Shine Through" to the legendary Jimmy Douglass for mixing.

See how Jimmy Douglass:

  • Prepares the session for mixing
  • Explains his analog mix bus chain
  • Makes arrangement edits on the fly as ideas come
  • Adds width with his Neve 8816 Summing Mixer
  • EQs the piano and adds delay

Watch Jimmy Douglass mix "Light Shine Through" from Jared Evan. Only on

Equipment & Software


  • Bettermaker EQ 232P
  • Neve 8816
  • Neve VR Channel Strip


  • FabFilter Micro
  • JOEMEEK MEEqualizer
  • ModDelay III
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Jimmy Douglass
Jimmy Douglass (also known as The Senator) is an American four-time Grammy winning recording engineer and record producer, whose prolific career has spanned more than four decades. During the 1980?s, Douglass continued to hone his engineering skills while also taking on the role as producer. He engineered and produced established artists including The Rolling Stones, Slave, Odyssey, Roxy Music and Gang of Four. Presently, he continues to display his versatility by remaining current while drawing from his years of experience. Douglass is best known for bringing unconventional techniques into the studio and encouraging artists to transcend genre restrictions. He is credited with bringing a raw edge to sound and specifically bringing a heavy funk bass sound into rock music. His hard work and immense talent has carved a place for him among some of the most respected engineers and mixers in the world.

Pharrell Williams

Justin Timberlake

Alicia Keys

Jay Z

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2022 Apr 26
Amazing tutorial. It would be great to learn a little more about Jimmy's outboard chain - is he using the 8816 for summing or is he just using the widening effect?
2022 Apr 17
Great step by step to understand in a practical way. Thank you!!
2021 Oct 16
why dont you have the next video in the series ready with access to play? or am i being stupid because this is the most simple and logical thing ever and my eyes are probably to blame..
2021 Aug 13
Very, very nice tutorial...well explained.