Start to Finish: Matt Ross-Spang - Episode 1 - Setting Up The Live Room & Getting Sounds

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Over the past few decades, Matt Ross-Spang has made a name for himself by creating some of today's most treasured recordings, by drawing on his love for the history of recording and adding what's he has learned from records of the past to his personal sonic signature to bring intention, personality, and vibe to some of the world's most treasured musical talent.

In this Exclusive, multi-award-winning Producer, Mixer, and Engineer, Matt Ross-Spang, takes us into the live room of Studio A at the incredible Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, TN, and walks us through his entire process of setting up a band to record live off the floor.

Watch as Matt:

  • Discusses drum choice with former Wilco drummer and Nashville based producer, Ken Coomer
  • Tweaks the kit in the room, as opposed to through the microphones using different beaters, dampening tools, and drum tunings
  • Breaks down his microphone selection process on the drum kit
  • Explains his technique for using minimal micing techniques on drums and his placement of drums in the booth to find the perfect tone
  • Demonstrates the unique gain staging of the modules from his Spectrasonics console
  • Dials in the drum tones in the control room
  • Mics up the bass amp and compares with the DI tone to choose the best option within the context of the song
  • Dials in the bass tone with legendary Memphis bass player, Leeroy Hodges
  • Talks about the importance of choosing the correct players for the project
  • Explains his approach to micing Charles Hodges' Leslie cabinet on the Hammond B3 Organ
  • Chooses specific microphones on the different instruments and vocalists to EQ before reaching the console, as well as match the vibe of the track
  • Explains the importance of being out in the live room with the players

Join Matt Ross-Spang, Eli "Paperboy" Reed, The Hodges Brothers, Ken Koomer, and The Masqueraders inside the legendary Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, TN for an incredible recording event, from Start To Finish.

Equipment & Software


  • AEA R88
  • AKG D 25
  • Neumann U48
  • Neumann U47
  • Neumann U67
  • RCA 77
  • Shure SM57
  • Upton 251
    • Outboard Gear

  • 1969 Spectra Sonics Console
  • Ampeg B15
  • Burl Mothership
  • Studer A27
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    Matt Ross-Spang

    Matt Ross-Spang is a Multi award-winning engineer, mixer, and producer. His first brush with greatness began at only 14 years old when he received 2 hours of studio time at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN, for his birthday.

    He went on to intern at Sun Studios when he was 16 and learned what it meant to bring recording back to its roots. Matt now operates out of the newly renovated Studio B at Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, TN, which he now calls “Southern Groove.”

    Among the many incredible entries in his discography, Ross-Spang was hired in 2016 by Sony Records to mix 18 previously unreleased songs by Elvis Presley from his historic 1976 sessions from the Jungle Room at Graceland.

    Known for his unique taste and ability to preserve old school recording techniques and bring them into today’s music, Matt Ross-Spang has worked with some of the world’s most cherished artists from the most legendary studios in recording history.


    John Prine

    Al Green

    Margo Price

    Elvis Presley

    Eli “Paperboy” Reed

    Mary Chapin Carpenter

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    2020 Oct 26
    Bonjour Merci pour la traduction
    2020 Aug 28
    I visited the studios years ago, what a trip! As a musician living on the other side of the world, growing up with this music, this is a real treasure. Guys, you have no idea of the gift you are making us every single time, and this is a very special one!
    2020 Jul 23
    The sound is great.
    2020 Jul 21
    please subtitles in Spanish
    2020 Jul 14
    Wow, this was such a treat! Loved every second of it!
    phil punch
    2020 Jul 12
    Thanks Matt for showing us how you set up and work a great group of legendary musicians. Love your single mike overhead . Did you know that in the earlier days at Fame the single oh U47 was placed a drum stick and a half above Roger Hawkins snare drum ? Pretty much the same as you. Did you also know that the great, engineer Malcolm Chisholm almost never used oh mics on on his many famous Chess recordings ? Many different approaches out there and they can all be great. Thanks again and looking forward to your next episode.
    2020 Jul 06
    Love this! Can't wait for the next episodes. My biggest pet peeve about modern recording technique is too many mics on drums. It is so refreshing to see/hear minimal drum miking. And ooooooh what great musicians!! All together in a room..... yes yes yes! More more more! This is the kind of thing that really inspires me.
    2020 Jul 05
    Excellent.... I can already see where your heading...great explanation with your approach...
    2020 Jul 04
    Loving the contrast you are getting between each different producer in this series.
    mark bass
    2020 Jul 04
    Absolute respect and fun to watch this track come together. Can't wait for a new episode.
    2020 Jul 04
    Cannot wait! I'm a huge fan of this genre of music! Great video!
    2020 Jul 03
    This is amazing.. im sick i have to wait a week for part 2 now :P
    2020 Jul 03
    Puremix team, in the next series, please make a tour of the studio. I bet it will be super cool. and we can have the context of the studio too! if you can add additional data like height size etc would be a really good bonus :]
    2020 Jul 03
    This is fantastic. Love the old school approach and can't wait for the rest of the series. I played blues in Chicago for a long time and Otis Clay was around and rockin' all the time. Great stuff.
    2020 Jul 03
    Great start! Pre production is so important. This "test" is right for the mix. :D