Start to Finish: Vance Powell - Episode 6 - Guitar Overdubs Part 2

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Continuing on with recording the guitar overdubs, Vance and Jeff search for new parts and unique textures to add on to "Sweet Beast".

As they experiment with different effects settings and tones, everything gets committed to the recording, baking the record full of the intended vibe.

Watch as Vance:

  • Adds a Bricasti M7 reverb and stereo Fulltone Delays to the sustained chords during the chorus.
  • Sends the Fulltone Delays to a vibrato scanner
  • Works out parts with Jeff Gorman
  • Uses a MOOG Murf and adds a Gibson GA20 amp to the Fender Princeton reverb, for a stereo amp setup.
  • Sets up his "Spin Fader" trick, to causes the stereo delays to feedback onto themselves
  • Uses the OTO Biscuit 8 on the Bass to add an aggressive granular grit to the track

Watch the rest of the series here

Equipment & Software


  • Bricasti M7 Reverb
  • Moog Moogerfooger Murf


  • Sound Toys Echo Boy
  • UAD Biscuit
  • UAD Brigade Chorus



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Vance Powell

Vance studied electrical engineering in Missouri and started his career in live sound as a front-of-house engineer. In 2002, he moved to Nashville in order to become studio manager and chief engineer at the legendary Black Bird studios in Nashville. In 2006, he co-founded Sputnik studios along with Grammy-winning engineer Mitch Dane, still in Nashville.

Vance Powell has won 6 Grammy awards working with rock artists such as The Raconteurs, Kings of Leon, Jack White, Pearl Jam, The White Stripes, The Dead Weather and more.

Powell's domain of expertise is definitely mixing and producing rock music. As shown in his pureMix videos, Vance likes to experiment and create new fuller and exciting sounds using all kinds of pedals, echos, analog outboards and plug-ins. Vance was used to recording to tape and definitely has an analog approach that makes him commit to fewer good sounding tracks rather than piling up takes in Pro Tools.

His goal is to make something new and warm that fits the band's vision with upfront snare drums and powerful guitars. Rocking.


Jack White

Chris Stapleton

The Deadweather

The Raconteurs

Arctic Monkeys


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Gaetan F.
2020 Jul 30
We all need drummers like this guy because of what he suggested @25:48 :)
2020 Jun 09
seems to me Vance really knows where he's going with this stuff. Could be potential dead-end alley if you're not sure there's some boxes in said alley to get you over that wall. I guess experience IS your friend after all. also t it takes Vance like 10 minutes to get the sound he "saw" on a part that could take me 10 days to" not be satisfied with", and it really doesn't matter much to the song. easily a hundred sounds could work with a good idea, Not being Neg. actually another compliment to Vance and his knowledge of how not to waste time. very impressive
2020 Jun 03
Why does the thumbnail show two plugins that aren't even used?
2020 May 26
I want to have a transcript,Thank you.
2020 Apr 26
Nice touches to the it..Great job