Studio Edge: Part 1 - Anatomy of a Drum Kit

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The Studio Edge Pro Audio Recording Series proudly presents the most comprehensive tutorial about recording drums. World class engineer, drummer and educator Jim Pavett presents this tutorial through the perspectives of the drummer, the engineer and the studio owner. Whether you are a drummer looking to learn more about your instrument and craft, a recording engineer looking to perfect your drum recording technique, or a studio owner trying to select the right house kit for the studio , this series delivers.

The first course, the Anatomy of Drums is must have information. Miking technique can only take you so far. Knowing the intricacies of the instrument and how to select the right shell material, heads, mounting technique, sticks and cymbals is a game changer. Even if you are not a drummer yourself, you will be able to make informed decisions to maximize your sound in the studio or stage.

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Jim Pavett
Jim Pavett

Jim Pavett

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2017 Apr 13
Great series, but the ends of the chapters are cut off. Some important information is lost!
2015 Nov 04
tThis was very informative. could you tell me if what he said about the drum head thicknesses are the truth or that it was a mistake as he said they range from 7mm to 10mm. Should it not be from .7mm till 1mm?
2014 Mar 19
Great serie! Learning so much right now! Can't wait for the other 2 segments to be released.
2014 Feb 28
Looking forward to the rest of this series.