Studio Edge: Part 2 - Drum Preparation

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This is the second part of Jim Pavett's Studio Edge series.

This course, Drum preparation and Tools for the Studio, teaches you how to properly setup and tune a drum to achieve the sound you need. Jim then provides thorough explanations and samples of dampening techniques, and goes over placement in the room, ergonomics and setup, and everything you need to know about microphones cables and stands.

World class engineer, drummer and educator Jim Pavett presents this tutorial through the perspectives of the drummer, the engineer and the studio owner. Whether you are a drummer looking to learn more about your instrument and craft, a recording engineer looking to perfect your drum recording technique, or a studio owner trying to select the right house kit for the studio , this series delivers.

The first course, the Anatomy of Drums is must have information. Miking technique can only take you so far. Knowing the intricacies of the instrument and how to select the right shell material, heads, mounting technique, sticks and cymbals is a game changer. Even if you are not a drummer yourself, you will be able to make informed decisions to maximize your sound in the studio or stage.

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Jim Pavett
Jim Pavett

Jim Pavett

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2020 Dec 13
super mega hyper useful information.. tanks a lot!!
2020 Jan 23
some of the information is great, but the guy talking is soo robotic its not interesting at all...
2017 Aug 26
A/B some moon jell vs. a loop of gaffa. Moon Jell sounds terrible to me.
2015 Oct 09
Lots of very helpful info - thank you!
2015 Jul 03
Very nice tutorial, I loved it. Thanks
2014 May 05
All of them are Auralex Products.
2014 May 05
Great Information in this new series. Can I get some Information about the acoustic panels you use in your room ? Are theese bought or self made ? Cheers Schlemmie
2014 Apr 20
Great information. I'm a drummer, but I fond interesting new ideas!!!
2014 Mar 29
So good... my drums sound better than ever now... thanks Jim!