Studio Edge: Part 3 - Mic Placement for Drums

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The course on Microphone placement not only shows you how to place microphones, it also gives you examples of different types of microphones on each drum, allowing you sample different options from some of the best microphone companies in the business. Jim will also show you 10 different overhead and minimal miking techniques with samples. Then Jim will walk you through a real drum tracking session methodically going though everything that needs to be setup to accomplish the task. At the end, he records a rock song with 32 microphones on the kit that you can download as exercise files.

The course is summed up with a general overview of drum mixing and effects used to get a great drum sound.

World class engineer, drummer and educator Jim Pavett presents this tutorial through the perspectives of the drummer, the engineer and the studio owner. Whether you are a drummer looking to learn more about your instrument and craft, a recording engineer looking to perfect your drum recording technique, or a studio owner trying to select the right house kit for the studio , this series delivers.

Exercise files
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Jim Pavett
Jim Pavett

Jim Pavett

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Oscar Gasch
2020 Oct 11
Thanks Jim ! Great Serie! I cant find where you talk about propper recording levels...what chapter is it?
2014 Aug 21
Very cool, learningful and inspiring video. I don't believe in the crashguard-stuff though. Notice how thin and phasey the snare sounds at 4:00 compared to 3:55. The little foam on the inside is not enough to prevent a ton of sound reflecting back into the mic.
2014 Jul 17
In the last part (5:35) "processed sound" is no audio during the audio edition. As @oz_golf says "only good on Overheads miking technique , and mics compare"
2014 Jul 05
Nothing Interesting in this video , only good on Overheads miking technique , and mics compare
2014 Apr 30
This is an awesome series and well worth the minor investment. While I may not agree with mic selection - it is a very, very personal subject. Jim Pavett nails it man! the man knows his drums and obliviously quite a respected engineer here in the southwest. I will watch this again and again because Jim details everything you need to know about real drums and how to capture them in a recording - I am going out tomorrow and buy new heads and cymbals for my "studio" kit - I love the wood but it wasn't until I saw this that I understood the relationships between drum shell and skin !