Universal Audio Apollo & Dangerous D-Box Combo

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Fab shows how to connect a Universal Audio Apollo to a Dangerous D-Box.

He goes through the specificities of the Apollo console and its cue system and real time processing features as well as analog summing and extended monitoring possibilities with the Dangerous D-box.

Yes... it is for geeks only.

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Fab Dupont

Fab Dupont is an award-winning NYC based record producer, mixing/mastering engineer and co-founder of

Fab has been playing, writing, producing and mixing music both live and in studios all over the world. He's worked in cities like Paris, Boston, Brussels, Stockholm, London and New York just to name a few.

He has his own studio called FLUX Studios in the East Village of New York City.

Fab has received many accolades around the world, including wins at the Victoires de la Musique, South African Music awards, Pan African Music Awards, US independent music awards. He also has received Latin Grammy nominations and has worked on many Latin Grammy and Grammy-nominated albums.


David Crosby

Queen Latifah

Jennifer Lopez

Mark Ronson

Les Nubians

Toots And The Maytals

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2016 Dec 20
Can this be utilized with an Apollo Twin setup as well?
2016 Dec 19
the SPDIF mirror monitor 1 ,2 is no longer available or at least worded in the same way , or I can't find it, in V9.x.x of the Apollo Console. The closest setting I find is simply labelled "Digital Mirror"
2015 Apr 01
Going to an Apollo 16,would give me 16 tracks out, therefore, I can use the dangerous 2 bus. Because with the present Apollo, 8+2=10, and a D-Box. Am I correct in my thinking? Next question, is it worth it for the extra 4 tracks? Merci, a la prochain! Peter
2015 Mar 28
Hey Fab. I think some of us will be happy, if you want to show how to set up D-Box with Avid HD Omni. Thanks!
2015 Feb 24
Hi Fab. Problem with tracking.. Apollo is connected to my analog mix desk on "old way tape machine tracking". Full setup 1-18 in/out analog mix desk and Apollo. (1-8 analog direct, 9-16 optical ADAT, spdif thrue some digital PRE) My DAW is ProTools 10/11, Low Latency Monitoring is ON. So, I have problem with doble signal on speakers. When I tracking (for example DRUMS) my monitor is Apollo console and everything is fine. When I play that from DAW again is OK, but, when I wanna to PUNCH IN-OUT on some spot there is problem. Where is INPUT MONITORING? I have DAW and ApolloConsole singnal at once
2014 Nov 01
I'm also thinking about this combination. I've been using the Apollo Quad for a year or so. I'm a film composer so I'm used to tight deadlines. Does adding the D-box mean I'll have to bounce in real time only?
2014 Jul 25
@Fabulous_Fab @DangerousMusic Hi! This might seem like a basic question, and maybe I'm missing something here, but I'm curious to know what the best way would be to insert analog gear into this setup without using a patchbay. For example, if I only had two or three pieces of outboard gear and I wanted to have the flexibility to be able to use them on both stems and individual tracks if required. I've been trying to figure out the best way to do it but I'm not sure I am getting anywhere. Help, please? Thanks, Varun
2014 Mar 28
hi, about tracking with an apollo and a D Box ... if we plug the sum output to apollo line 1-2 , does that mean that we can track only 6 tracks in the same time if we have external pre's with no adat ?? thanks !
2014 Feb 12
I have a D-Box and Apollo UAD quad core, I have set everything up according to the video but I am having issues setting up my I/O's correctly. I understand that I can send my signal Out via a line Out which sends that signal thru my dbox. In order to get that signal back into pro tools I have to set up a stereo aux to "catch" the signal. So do I have to setup stereo aux's for each line out that I signal that I send. If so would those outputs than be routed to my "submix" before printing to an audio track? I was able to set up routing by double routing but I dont think this is correct. Help
2014 Jan 02
Hey esencia- yes, 8 channels of summing makes a big difference from mixing all in the box. The cool thing about the D-Box though is that you're not just upgrading to summing- you're also upgrading monitoring. That goes a long way when it comes to getting a better final product, because if you can hear what's really there, you can make better decisions about your tracks.
2014 Jan 01
Hi, I'm an apollo Quad user too, and I'm impressed for the quality of your content. It rocks. Right now, I wonder if it´s worth to add a dangerous 8 channel summ to my apollo. I'm a soundtrack composer, and I don´t know how much improvement I'd get with just 8 busses summed. I don´t have external tracking, everything that I play are internal plugins and sampling. does it worth to add a d-box for this ? Thanks
2013 Dec 22
Hello, I have a D-Box and Apollo, went through video, but having issue with Outputs showing up wrong on the d-box. What is set to come out of outputs 5-6 is coming out of 3-4. I have the IO of ProTools set to Default. Also Could you possibly share a screen shot of how your Pro Tools IO setup looks like in the IO setup menu? Thanks, Danny
2013 Apr 04
One more question, although it seams this conversation has been dead for quite a while now? Isn't the one step misssing that really makes for "analog summing" - the dedicated per channel converters? Like in your 2-Bus video. Out of the box into the converters and into the 2-Bus for the analog summing?
2013 Mar 20
Hi Fab, your video's are amazing. I'm about to get an Apollo and your info on dangerous analog stuff is starting to lead me down that path. In this video, what kind of stand are you using for the Apollo? I love that idea as i want be more portable with an Apollo setup!
2013 Feb 15
Great thx ! How do I find the control room output for the last Print channel that is receiving the signal from 1/2 from the aux channel ? I set my i/o to default but I do not have a control room output ? thx. Matt
2013 Feb 10
What is the best to incorporate a outboard compressor into the Apollo w D box setup? I'm working with a Apollo, dBox, Bax EQ and Neve Portico 5043. I currently have the BAX EQ after the Sum Output of the dbox and then back into the Apollo. I'm just not sure what the best way to setup the 5043 into my rig would be. Thoughts? Suggestions? Marlon Chicago, IL
2012 Dec 11
@Fabulous_Fab @DangerousMusic Considering -18dBFS RMS the average sweet spot of the A/D converter, how does this affect the mix down phase when incorporating analog summing back into the DAW? The entire mix, especially when run through outboard processing, will have a much higher RMS level than -18dBFS. Will the sound of the mix suffer because the converters are getting hit too hard on the way back in? Is there a sweet spot in this mix down scenario? I intend on purchasing the Dangerous D-Box to do the summing for my Apollo interface, so this is the set up I am considering. Merci!
2012 Nov 22
the signal that I record on the Print track. With the InputMonitoring on the Daw it is not possible because you'll get the feedback like Fab explains at the end of the video.
2012 Nov 22
@DangerousMusic: Thanks for your answer. Maybe the problem is that I try to recreate the setup with the source. I plugged everything the same without the summing. So the DAW (D-Box) is AES/SPDIF on the Source and ANALOG (D-Box) is AN1 (Source). I want to use the Source D/A-Converter and record the signal back into my Daw. Therefore I use the SELECTED LINE OUT on the Source to go back into the Apollo. This works but when I insert a Plug-In on the Apollo Console I don't hear that, means I can set the for example the output of the plug in to 0 and I can still here the sound. I wish I can monitor
2012 Nov 15
@MO-Beats Yes, once that signal goes back into ProTools you have to set up a stereo audio track to record the mix, and that track becomes your last step where you will monitor everything from. You just set the output of that track to "Control Room Outputs" the way Fab shows us at 3:59
2012 Nov 13
Hi Fab, Is there a possibility to monitor the last step (at 7:70, 33609 Insert)?
Fabulous Fab
2012 Nov 02
The ipod dock is from Cambridge Audio. Very nice.
2012 Nov 02
Hey Fab, c'est vraiment super ce que tu fais sur ce site. En plus d'être un excellent mixeur/musicien, tu es un excellent vendeur et pédagogue . Bonne énergie. Inspiring. Thanks mate . Phil, Paris
2012 Nov 02
Fab, you are always saving us Apollo owners! also, me too. i would like to know where the dock came from!
2012 Oct 30
Fab, where can I pick that specific ipod dock?