What is Sugar?

The Ultimate Audio Sweetener

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See What Award Winning Engineers Have To Say

Sugar was designed from the ground up to bridge the gap between classic analog sound and digital reality. I find myself using it on every mix.
— Fab Dupont

Sugar is my new best friend on the mix bus. Just a spoonful.
— Greg Wells

Sugar is my new go to tool. Having fun enhancing sub low frequencies on the bass drum. High frequency air for vocals. And of course helping sonically stale recordings come to life in a mix.
— Darrell Thorp

Sugar is great, it's the perfect tone shaper.
— Vance Powell

Sugar is a next generation plugin that lives up to that analog ideal. It’s unique and intuitive controls make sense right from the start, so I was off to the races with it immediately. From rescuing a boring drum bus to making a vocal sing, this thing is useful as hell. Sugar will live on many of my future mixes.
— Ryan West