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Last Train

Last Train are the future of French rock and roll. The hypnotic and heavy rockers just finished their US tour and on the final day came by Flux Studios in NYC to record a live set with Fab Dupont and streamed live on pureMix Live!

pureMixers who joined the broadcast live were instantly taken by the bands heavy sense of rock and simplicity and during the session Fab mixed the band live to 2-track just like they did in the old days. 

Now it's your chance to mix the crowd favorite "Fire" for yourself! The set up is simple and the song is DYNAMIC so it's up to you to enhance the attitude and create the perfect space for the tracks to live in sonically.

Download the raw tracks and get to work!

Check out the song on the archived LIVE show (video starts at the introduction to the song):


This contest is now over. You can click on the Winners' tab in order to listen to their mixes.

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Not only was this song recorded live with the band all in one room, it was also one of the longest and most dynamic songs we've had on a Zelab yet. The winning mixes did a great job of maximizing the impact and raw-ness of this hard hitting rock track! Thanks to everyone who entered and we hope it was a fun learning experience to mix something so hard rocking.

These 3 pureMix Pro Members killed it, each in their own way:




Congratulations on each winning a copy of Eiosis e2deesser