• New Already watched Dangerous ST-Remote: Overview

    Fab does a step by step overview of the Dangerous Monitor ST function set.

    Dangerous ST-Remote: Overview

  • New Already watched Liaison: Tracking

    Fab shows how to track with the Liaison

    Liaison: Tracking

  • New Already watched Soldering Guitar Cables

    Mike shows you how to identify a bad solder and how to make your own cables.

    Soldering Guitar Cables

  • New Already watched Compression Overview

    How to use an audio & music compressor? Examples on vocal, drums and bass. Compression history, tape machine & fader riding examples.

    Compression Overview

  • New Already watched Greg Calbi Interview

    Interview from mastering engineer : Greg Calbi.

    Greg Calbi Interview

  • New Already watched Gearfest 2011: Tracking 4/6 Vocal + Guitar

    Fab and Meredith McCandless track the Will Knox Band in front of 300 people on the Sweetwater theater stage during Gearfest 2011.

    Gearfest 2011: Tracking 4/6 Vocal + Guitar

Recently Added
  • New Already watched Stem Mixing and Loudness Control

    Speed up your workflow and get your mixes radio-ready, the way the pros do it.

    Stem Mixing and Loudness Control

  • New Already watched Study of Compressor Controls

    Learn what the most important compressor controls do and how to think about them.

    Study of Compressor Controls

  • New Already watched Mastering The Song Caribbean Raider

    Fab masters the song 'Caribbean Raider' from the 'Mixing Dubstep in Pro Tools video'.

    Mastering The Song Caribbean Raider

  • New Already watched GearFest 2013 Mix 0ff

    Watch Fab Dupont and John Paterno take turns mixing a full pop/rock song in front of an audience at Sweetwater's GearFest.

    GearFest 2013 Mix 0ff

  • New Already watched Interview with Ryan West

    Hip hop mixer Ryan West answers Fab Dupont's questions.

    Interview with Ryan West

  • New Already watched Mixing Hip Hop Song 'Break Bread' with Ryan West

    Famous Hip Hop Engineer Ryan West mixes the song Break Bread from Dujeous featuring John Legend.

    Mixing Hip Hop Song 'Break Bread' with Ryan West

Best rated
  • New Already watched Hybrid Digital/Analog Mixing

    Fab mixes an Indie Pop song from scratch to finish with a hybrid list of hardware units and plugins

    Hybrid Digital/Analog Mixing

  • New Already watched Gearfest 2012 - Mastering

    This is the mastering session from GearFest 2012

    Gearfest 2012 - Mastering

  • New Already watched Audiodays Mixing Seminar

    Mixing an acoustic trio band in Pro Tools with Hardware and plug-ins.

    Audiodays Mixing Seminar

  • New Already watched Recording Levels

    Learn how to properly set your recording levels.

    Recording Levels

  • New Already watched Mixing with Pro Tools plug-ins

    Fab mixes a full song ,step by step, explaining every setting, using only Pro Tools stock plugins.

    Mixing with Pro Tools plug-ins

  • New Already watched Flash Mixing a DJ Colette Song

    Fab Dupont fast-mixes a song by DJ Colette using only Plug & Mix Plug-ins

    Flash Mixing a DJ Colette Song

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