New article: Are all audio cables the same?

If you are into audio, this question will happen..a thousand times. In this article Alberto Rizzo Schettino gets his hands dirty by presenting you different mindsets behind cable choice in studio environments and then putting 4 famous cables to the test against a real piece of simple, singer/songwriter acoustic context. Click here.

  • Making Punchy Drums

    Engineer Ben Lindell shows how to get a punchy drum sound.

    Making Punchy Drums

  • Dangerous ST: Monitoring

    Fab gives a broad overview of the Dangerous ST Monitoring section in Flux Studio’s Neve control room.

    Dangerous ST: Monitoring

  • Inserting Analog Gear

    This video shows you how to insert analog gear in your analog summing setup

    Inserting Analog Gear

  • Internal Mixing: 7/9 Automation

    Internal Mixing Program. Module 7/9: Automation

    Internal Mixing: 7/9 Automation

  • Liaison: Mastering Stand-Alone

    Fab shows how to Master with the Liaison

    Liaison: Mastering Stand-Alone

  • Greg Calbi Interview

    Interview from mastering engineer : Greg Calbi.

    Greg Calbi Interview

Recently Added
  • GearFest 2013 Mix 0ff

    Watch Fab Dupont and John Paterno take turns mixing a full pop/rock song in front of an audience at Sweetwater's GearFest.

    GearFest 2013 Mix 0ff

  • Interview with Ryan West

    Hip hop mixer Ryan West answers Fab Dupont's questions.

    Interview with Ryan West

  • $37 Mixing Hip Hop Song 'Break Bread' with Ryan West

    Famous Hip Hop Engineer Ryan West mixes the song Break Bread from Dujeous featuring John Legend.

    Mixing Hip Hop Song 'Break Bread' with Ryan West

  • Flash Mixing a DJ Colette Song

    Fab Dupont fast-mixes a song by DJ Colette using only Plug & Mix Plug-ins

    Flash Mixing a DJ Colette Song

  • Producing Caribean's Guitar Sounds

    Watch Fab Dupont and Grand Baton discuss how to shape wild guitar tone with pedals, amps and microphones.

    Producing Caribean's Guitar Sounds

  • $35 Mixing Howlin in Pro Tools 11

    In this video, Ben Lindell mixes Amber Skye's 'Howlin' song in Pro Tools 11.

    Mixing Howlin in Pro Tools 11

Best rated
  • $20 Recording Singer 1 Mic

    Fab shows you how to properly place your mic when recording a singer, in this case the great Chester Gregory.

    Recording Singer 1 Mic

  • $26 Soundstrips - Crane Song: Superior Gear

    Immerse yourself in Dave Hill's world and learn how the Crane Song boxes are made.

    Soundstrips - Crane Song: Superior Gear

  • $37 Mixing Periscope in Cubase

    Fab Mixes an Indie Pop song called Periscope in Cubase

    Mixing Periscope in Cubase

  • $37 Mixing the Song Set It Off in Logic

    In this 2 hour long video, Fab Dupont mixes the Pop Song "Set It Off" in Logic Pro.

    Mixing the Song Set It Off in Logic

  • Producing the song Open Eyed

    Fab shares with us how the song Open Eyed was produced.

    Producing the song Open Eyed

  • $20 Internal Mixing: 5/9  Compression

    Internal Mixing Program. Module 5/9: Dimension 2 Compression

    Internal Mixing: 5/9 Compression

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