How To Listen
With Fab Dupont

Learn Critical Listening Skills
With Fab Dupont

We all know how to hear, it's natural, but knowing how to listen is a learned skill. It takes practice and it takes thought. Knowing how to listen is the key to making better and faster decisions during the process of recording music.

In this series of videos, Fab shows you how to focus your attention on parts of the signal, teaches techniques to improve the memorization process, explains how to use reference mixes, compare settings and much much more.

Listening is the most important skill you can bring to a session. It is even more important than your parallel compression skills and mad beats, yo.

Besides, if you don't know how to listen, what are you going to do with that expensive compressor you just bought?

10 Videos
...And Counting

How To Listen
Reference Edition
Compression Edition
Reverb Edition
Tape Machine Edition
Microphone Preamplifier Edition
SSL Compressor Edition
Pultec Edition
LA-2A Edition
Serial Compression