Lifeboats Mixing Series

Watch The Best Mentors In The World
Mix The Exact Same Song

The Lifeboats Mixing Series is a unique opportunity to watch some of the world’s greatest engineers mix the exact same song.

Watch them mix a folk song from scratch with their own tools, workflows, and most importantly their own sonic signature. To show you a real-world scenario, we did not let the mentors hear the song prior to the session. Their mission: Deliver a pro sounding mix in just a couple of hours… on camera. This is as real as it gets.

There is no better way to learn how every engineer’s subtle moves, taste, and decisions can yield completely different results than to watch them work on the exact same song under the same conditions.

This series is the first of it’s kind and one of the most unique pieces of educational material available in the audio industry. This new approach will give you a real perspective on what matters in a mix, how the mentors deal with sessions they have never heard, and the unique characteristics and techniques that give each engineer their “sound”.

We are very proud to release the first installment featuring CLA, Mick Guzauski, Andrew Scheps, and Fab Dupont... additional episodes are already in the making.

This song was produced by Fab Dupont and written by the amazing Will Knox. Do follow him on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube, you won't be disappointed.

Side Note: This project is absolutely not a mixing contest between mentors.
They have agreed to do this in order to show all pureMixers how things are done in real life and improve online education as a whole. Let's keep this friendly :-)

Watch All Lifeboats Episodes

Ep.1 Fab Dupont Mixing Lifeboats (in Cubase)
Ep.2 CLA Mixing Lifeboats
Ep.3 Mick Guzauski Mixing Lifeboats
Ep.4 Andrew Scheps Mixing Lifeboats
Ep.5 John Paterno Mixing Lifeboats
Ep.6 Jacquire King Mixing Lifeboats
Ep.7 Andrew Scheps Revisits Lifeboats
Ep.8 Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Part 1
Ep.9 Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Part 2
Ep.10 Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Part 3
Ep.11 Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Part 4
Ep.12 Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Part 5
Ep.13 Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Part 6
Ep.14 Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Part 7