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About The Song

How about creating a song from scratch and build it right in front of the camera. If that is not tough enough, let's do it with people who have never met. Ok, how about those people being 4 strangers from 2 different countries? Simon & Greg - 1. Why 1? There is a part 2. Simon & Greg are using Lauten Audio microphones, UA interfaces, and focal headphones. However, they are cheating and are actually in a real studio...not one they made out of clay. Remember Your Name is a brilliant anthem of power, harmony, felt through the voices of four Women from different corners of the world as they build a scong from scratch. Hildá Länsman & Viivi Maria Saarenkylä (Vildá), Willows and Soleil Launière lead us in an energic and spiritual journey that combines folk music, traditional yoik, and pop-alternative sounds. Together, they give us access to a sublime force, evoking Mother Earth, the creative powers, and the balance of things. This work is the result of a strong spontaneous feminine connection, a collaboration between different Indigenous cultures (Innu, Métis, Sami), highlighting traditional musicality, treated in a contemporary, almost cinematographic way. Remember Your Name Part 1 & 2 will move you and surprise you.

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About Simon & Greg

This is Greg and his friend Simon. They are record producers from Montreal, Canada (the place with the maple sirup). One day Simon asked Greg if he wanted to go to Africa to help some friends build a recording studio. Little did They know what They were getting into... Since then, they've decided that once a year, they would pick a country, board a plane, pack suitcases full of gear and record as many talanted artists as theycould find. Follow their musical (and whacky) journey around the world in this first season in Senegal. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Help him build a studio and he’ll record forever...”.