Start To Finish
with Fab Dupont & The Arrows

Learn how Fab transforms a home studio demo into a hit record.

The rock/pop band The Arrows from South Africa traveled to Paris to work with producer Fab Dupont from NYC to collaborate on "Words to Say" - taking it from from a home studio demo to mix-ready production on camera. This tutorial will show you how to add color and life to basic productions and bring songs to life.

Fab gives his best tips and tricks for making tracks sound radio ready by using a mixture of live recording, synth layering, vocal tracking and detailed editing - all intermediate to advanced digital and analog techniques. This is how records get made, instrument by instrument, part by part. Sit in the session and see what it's like to build a track with professionals.

The Band

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2 girls who play pop music. Real drums and piano included. Discover their new project "We Are Largo".

2.30 Hours | 2 Episodes

Ep.1 Production
Ep.2 Mixing