Carlos "El Loco" Bedoya Mixing Brazilian Girls

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Brazilian Girls are a funky and eccentric dance music group from NYC and in this full-length mixing tutorial Grammy winner Carlos “El Loco” Bedoya mixes their single “The Critic” from start to finish.

The production is deceptively simple, learn how El Loco Bedoya builds the mix track by track, applying EQ, compression and effects that bring out the details and energy of the song.

To add an extra layer of difficulty into the mix there are two entire sets of drum tracks that combine together into an intricate and complex groove, not your typical dance music production.

Carlos reveals how he:

  • Imports mix settings from other songs on the album for a consistent sound
  • Tames harshness and muddiness on the drums using dynamic EQ
  • Uses both subtle and extreme compression settings to shape the dynamics and transients of tracks
  • Adding vibe and character to the key elements of the song with creative filtering and distortion
  • Creating a big and clear sounding bass tone with amp emulation and effects
  • Tweaking the attack and sustain of individual drums for the perfect balance of punch and tone to the drums
  • Makes creative and unique vocal processing chains to create vocals that occupy the perfect space inside the mix

Learn how an award-winning producer/engineer creates a dynamic and creative mix for a quirky and hip dance music group.

BONUS: Don't forget to download the exercise files and practice mixing the song for yourself! The artist was gracious enough to allow pureMixers the chance to try their hand at mixing a portion of the song using the same raw multitrack stems Carlos “El Loco” Bedoya mixed. Put your skills to the test and apply some of your new found techniques.

Exercise files
Equipment & Software
  • Blue Cat FreqAnalyst
  • MOTU Masterworks EQ
  • SPL Transient Designer
  • MOTU Trim
  • MOTU Dynamic Equalizer
  • MOTU Masterworks Gate
  • MOTU Dynamics
  • Cytomic The Glue
  • MOTU Diamond Drive
  • Brainworx bx-control
  • UAD Ampeg SVTVR
  • Masterworks Leveler
  • UAD Oxford Envolution
  • UAD dbx 160
  • MOTU Live Room G
  • MOTU Delay
  • Focusrite Midnight EQ
  • UAD elysia mpressor
  • UAD Galaxy Tape Echo
  • MOTU AutoPan
  • MOTU Multimode Filter
  • UAD Studer A800
  • MOTU Masterworks Limiter
  • H82 Harmonic Maximizer
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Carlos "El Loco" Bedoya

Carlos “El Loco” Bedoya is a Miami based producer and audio engineer for a wide variety of musical artists in genres as far ranging as Latin and Rock to Hip Hop and Pop. His work has been acknowledged with multiple awards and nominations, including several multi-platinum albums and singles.

Carlos has worked with famous artists such as The Brazilian Girls, Beyoncé, Weezer, Ricardo Arjona, Rihanna, Mick Jagger, Sean Paul, Enrique Iglesias and more.

Carlos' unique worfklow uses Digital Performer and some outboard gear in a hybrid setup which allow him to get a detailed and rich distinctive "Loco" sound.

Watch Carlos' videos on and see how a Latin Grammy winning engineer polishes his sound for more groove, punch and precision.



Missy Elliott

Ricardo Arjona


Mick Jagger

Sean Paul

Featured Artists and Musics

An air of sultry modernity infuses the future-forward Brazilian Girls, who vibrate with invigorating, globe-trotting electricity. Founded in 2003, the NYC-based quartet swing hard with groove music and a truly open mind, a dance floor filler that draws from a saucy array of inspirations far from club land. Compelling rhythms drive their sound but there are always long, curious fingers reaching out to snare interesting accents, beguiling complications, and fresh sounds from the natural and man-made worlds to drive their adventurous yet immediately appealing sound.

  • The Critic

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2022 Jun 21
"Mult" is a harmonizer to bring a bit of width to the main vocals and other insruments along the way, and the "Club" is a medium sized room used to get the band in a familiar space. The timing is related to the speed of the track and the cadence of the vocals, but that explanation may have been lost on editing. This video is a condensation of 9 hours of mixing!
2020 Jul 05
I really enjoyed many aspects of this tutorial and I hope Carlos can do more, especially with bands like this one. I do wish he had spent time in the beginning talking about his main buses, because there was really no detail on what those were. I still don't know what Mult and Club were, nor what kind of times where on his plate. Yeah, we can choose our own but I'd love to hear what he's thinking about. And the master bus just kind of showed what he was using but nothing on what he looking for nor what processing was inserted.
Highlands Recording Arts
2018 Aug 26
Great project to work on Muchas gracias Senior Bedoya! - When I listen to this group - I can not help but think about Devo! Its VERY Devo'ish (And thats a good thing!)
2018 Feb 16
please subtitles in Spanish! Thanks!!
Audio Art
2017 Dec 21
Fantastic to see one done on DP. Surprised how many stock plugs were used. May have to revisit some. Multi-Mode Filter on vocals was sweet. Fun, quirky song.
2017 Dec 17
Interesting,great mix,well done.Looks like Jjedi of mixing,but he really need to grow up a bit
2017 Dec 14
Interesting way of mixing! Pretty awesome instructor :D
2017 Dec 14
2017 Dec 13
Even though I don't use most of the plug ins he uses, interesting the way he does it. I guess, EQ, EQ and more EQ. Very nice.
El Timba
2017 Dec 12
No Nosens process, very practical way to solve issues. Like this way.