Fred Everything House Music Template and Workflow

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Fred Everything is a world renowned DJ in the House Music Scene. Early in his career, he was given the name everything because his diverse DJ sets proved that he could comfortably navigate a variety of genres from House to Techno, and Drum and Bass to Ambient.

Over the course of his career, he has released over 200 productions

In order to quickly create as many songs as Fred has, you have to establish a creative workflow to get the technology out of the way so you can stay in a creative flow and continue moving forward.

In this exclusive, Fred shows you how he sets up his writing template so that he can stay creative while quickly creating exciting arrangements, remix, and make rough mixes. In a live remixing style session, Fred demonstrates his techniques and offers you tips and tricks to stay in the zone and increase your speed.

Once you have seen how Fred does it, you can download a copy of his template, that has been carefully translated to every major DAW and try it out for yourself.

Exercise files
Equipment & Software


  • Gain
  • Channel EQ
  • Space Designer
  • Tape Delay
  • Chorus
  • Overdrive
  • Sonalksis Creative Filter
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Fred Everything

French Canadian DJ/Producer Fred Everything is a key player in the world of House Music with two decades in the music business and a discography of more than 200 releases to his credit. Born in Hull and raised in Quebec City, Fred caught the bug early for electronic music in high school, working summer jobs washing dishes to buy his first synths. He then formed a few bands while spending his weekends as the youngest kid in local nightclubs. In the early 90s, he started playing live in raves and clubs across Canada. He was then known simply as “Everything,” because of the eclectic nature of his sets, which would include Techno, House, Ambient and even Drum & Bass. A highlight of that period was opening for Sasha at Metropolis in Montreal. Tired of carrying his 909 and 101 around, he started to DJ more actively and changed his name to ‘Fred Everything’. A move to the big city of Montreal was the next obvious thing, where he landed a job at the city’s legendary Inbeat Record Store. It wasn’t too long after, that Fred found himself releasing on some of his favorite labels and touring internationally.


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2020 Aug 25
Nice seeing a master at work! Thanks Fred! Nice template to use in Cubase. Peace King!
2019 Dec 03
Thank you.
2018 Oct 13
A little disappointing, $49US for a half hour video. More basic concepts than I expected, but that's on me for not reading the chapter description. Dont get me wrong, this video is informative and well put together, i just think its a little pricey for the amount of content.
2018 Aug 07
Thanks! When will the 2nd part of this video be online?
2018 Jun 12
Always a pleasure watching these videos!! the only thing i don't like about Fred's template, is the gain on every channel at -5...Id rather prefers simply take down my faders but everybody s got a different idea and workflow! Thanks puremix team for this amazing video! :)
2018 Jun 12
Great advice/best practices on workflow and arrangement. Fred demonstrates these concepts on an actual released production, doesn't get any better than that. This video has made me realize that I've been getting too detailed when I should be moving beyond the loop and finish blocking out the structure. I've been into Deep House for close to 20 years now, been following Fred's work for a decade or so. Fred is easily one of the best Deep House producers out there - prolific, consistent, and has his own sound. Subbing for his series was a no brainer.
2018 Jun 09
Nice introduction to house music arrangement and workflow, awesome tutorial Fred & pureMix!!
2018 Jun 09
thank you so much Fred. So refreshing and inspiring to see other peoples templates and workflows.