Gearfest 2012: Mike Wells Mastering LIVE

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Mike Wells
Mike Wells

Mike Wells

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2015 Aug 04
I suppose every setting had to be exagerated in order to let audience hear the differences in this non critical listening space. Compressing it in paralell is right way to go in maintaining that initial vibe in mix.
2014 Nov 23
The paralell compression chrushed all the stuff. I agree...educational purpose.
2014 Mar 02
Of course Mike is a great professional and a very experienced mastering engineer and of course he made some great points and some useful corrections. But the truth is that in the end, when you A/B the master and the original mix at about the same levels, all this retro vibe that Fab and the band created during recording and mixing, was gone with the wind...All this smoky,moody interaction happening between low mids and mids was flattened and the overall energy was kinda lost. I'm totally aware that all this was done for educational reasons and was not Mike's artistic approach to the song.
2014 Feb 28
I totally agree....
2014 Feb 28
It's very interesting! But still, something in the mix feels more "natural" than after mastering. Don't you think so?