How To Listen: Serial Compression

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Compressors are great. Why not have two?

In this exclusive, award-winning engineer, Fab Dupont, explains how to use serial compression to sculpt the dynamics of your tracks in ways that a single compressor can not.

Watch as Fab Dupont:

  • Explains how to use an 1176 and LA2A in serial to tame peaks in a lead vocal and control the body of the sound
  • Swaps the order to show the unique characteristics of each compressor next to each other
  • Demonstrates how to achieve the same results from stock compressors found in any DAW
  • Shows how compressors can distort when their release time is too fast
  • Uses serial compression on a bass guitar to tame peaks and anchor the dynamics to lift the excitement of the track
  • Discusses the importance of gain matching

Learn how to use serial compression without over-compressing from Fab Dupont. Only on

Equipment & Software


  • Dyn3 Compressor/Limiter
  • Oxford Dynamics Compressor/Limiter
  • UAD Teletronix LA-2A Silver
  • UAD Teletronix LA-2A Silver
  • UAD UA 1176LN Rev E
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Fab Dupont

Fab Dupont is an award-winning NYC based record producer, mixing/mastering engineer and co-founder of

Fab has been playing, writing, producing and mixing music both live and in studios all over the world. He's worked in cities like Paris, Boston, Brussels, Stockholm, London and New York just to name a few.

He has his own studio called FLUX Studios in the East Village of New York City.

Fab has received many accolades around the world, including wins at the Victoires de la Musique, South African Music awards, Pan African Music Awards, US independent music awards. He also has received Latin Grammy nominations and has worked on many Latin Grammy and Grammy-nominated albums.


David Crosby

Queen Latifah

Jennifer Lopez

Mark Ronson

Les Nubians

Toots And The Maytals

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Mr Rambolini
2022 Oct 16
Another superb video - I'd never have considered serial compression until I saw this, but now it makes so much sense. Thank you!
2022 Apr 10
Fab! Again many thanks….this makes a lot of sense. This flavor of tubes is also the (EQ) part of the compressor. Brings color in the compression stage…if that make sense! K.R. Sergi :)
Cyrille Obermüller
2022 Jan 24
I think the How to listen serie is one of the most valuable. I sometimes just refer to it the day before mixing to get me in the right mentality of listening. I wonder if a How to listen 'Balance/volume' edition could be interesting?
2022 Jan 02
Excellent info and explanation of why this technique is so effective for very dynamic sources! Thank you Fab!
2021 Dec 30
Great tutorial....I never knew that technique. Thanks much!
2021 Dec 30
Nice video....!! Would be interesting to use just the TubeTech CL1-B...similar to the LA-2A but with faster attack and release times available...
2021 Dec 29
Tried some double cerial compression at today´s breakfast and burned more calories then i gained while eating... but i really dig your video, thanks, Fab!
Castor X
2021 Dec 29
Danke Fab.zum Glück hab ich die UAD Plugins.Die klingen einfach auch gut.
2021 Dec 29
As always, extraordinary value in this video - thank you for your tutelage. If I could ask one favor, though ~ can you please tell me what the lyrics are? I've listened to this line of the song about 2,000 times so far, and for the life of me, all I can hear is: "I had some noggly seedy gry and I can't help but eat it up..." Something tells me this must be wrong, and it's eating away at my soul. Any clarity you can bring to this mystery will be greatly appreciated.
2021 Dec 29
Nice. I get it, but it's gonna take me a long time to be able to do it myself, lol. Practice makes perfect....