The 13 Best Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

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Top 13 Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are still slaving around with a mouse while trying to make music you are doing yourself a disservice. Watch this video for Fab’s top, most best-est and life changerific shortcuts and workflow suggestions to turn Slow Tools back into Pro Tools.

Shortcuts covered in this video:

  • Best Zooming shortcuts for mindless location and easy focus
  • Waveform handling demystified
  • Track arming, Soloing, Muting, input monitoring-ing
  • Best use of grouping shortcuts
  • Duplication of tracks and regions
  • Fast track creation
  • How to clean up after yourself
  • Window management
  • Uber navigation sans clicking
  • Automation essential commands
  • Transport control from keyboards

Throughout the video, Windows users should pull a Jedi mind trick and hear:

  • [alt] instead of [option]
  • [control] instead of [command]
  • [start] instead of [control]

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Fab Dupont

Fab Dupont is an award-winning NYC based record producer, mixing/mastering engineer and co-founder of

Fab has been playing, writing, producing and mixing music both live and in studios all over the world. He's worked in cities like Paris, Boston, Brussels, Stockholm, London and New York just to name a few.

He has his own studio called FLUX Studios in the East Village of New York City.

Fab has received many accolades around the world, including wins at the Victoires de la Musique, South African Music awards, Pan African Music Awards, US independent music awards. He also has received Latin Grammy nominations and has worked on many Latin Grammy and Grammy-nominated albums.


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2021 Apr 23
opt + A doesnt work for me
2020 Oct 09
He said "make sure your fingers are small enough" ;]
2019 Dec 16
2019 Jan 14
Always great to get back to these essential tricks! Merci Fab!
Dusan Oravec
2018 Nov 16
Thank you ! you my new Hero! Lot of information, and i like you style, very elegant. I like you cooking class as well :-) best Reg. Dusan
2018 Feb 13
Definitely learned some new ones on here and I am an avid (ahem) short cut user. One of my favourite new ones being the last one mentioned here to copy mix levels to any Send. Thanks!
2017 Apr 17
Thanks, is a great remainder
sebastian link
2017 Mar 10
I have a lot to learn!
2017 Feb 27
Thanks, a lot, Fab! Your amusing jokes and comments in between make everything even more memorable. Thanks again, "teacher"!
2016 Feb 16
A short cut overlooked is: When you are setting up multi-track inputs and you want to have consecutive inputs, I.E., In 1, In 2, In 3, In 4. a time saver is: 1. Select desired tracks, 2.Hold Shift + Alt + Ctl while 3. clicking desired start bus in the I/O input selector field. I.E.,Begin at input channel 3, all remaining selected track inputs will follow consecutively.3, 4, 5, 6. Shift + Alt will select the same input for all selected tracks. Adding the Ctl key modifies this to consecutive. This also work the same for adding consecutive input busses and output channels and busses alike.
2015 Dec 01
Thanks Fab from Dave Martone! Brand new Protools user here. Video is awesome. it made my head spin at first and will need to go through it many times! We went to Berklee together! I knew I recognized you!
2015 Nov 28
Very well done Fab; you got me engaged and held me. Been wanting trim automation for so long and here it is ; worth the admission price for me Cheers, Ross
2015 Nov 01
One of the most useful tutorials for me. I know most of these but still learned a couple handy shortcuts that will help. Thanks Fab!
2015 Oct 19
At 8:05 you open and close side bars in one click. What key command is this? I would love to know as well
2015 Oct 04
Great video. It's a shame I cannot vote 5 stars every time I watch it! Thanks a lot.
2015 Aug 02
Great Tutorial
2015 Aug 02
At 8:05 you open and close side bars in one click. What key command is this?
2015 Jun 06
Top notch. Just missing windows shortcut. Only mac shortcut. My brain Need fews seconds for the conversion ^^
2015 Mar 05
Great Stuff!
2014 Dec 08
The tutorials are awesome.....the problem is that I am using windows but they seem to be centered towards apple mac only. Alpheus
2014 Nov 05
2014 Jul 22
Thanks for the tutorial Fab - really helpful! I found your site from Graham Cochrane of the Recording Revolution. Adam S.
2014 Apr 03
Thanks Fab... I could watch your videos all day!
2014 Mar 17
very nice! thanks Fab this shortcuts are very nice i like your videos thanks for sharing your knowledge
2014 Jan 22
Thank you for throwing this key command video together! helps a great deal
2014 Jan 21
As usual with Fab just oustanding, he serves in 15' what other people do in 5 hours :) French users watch that some keyboard shortcuts do change on french keyboard, the keys being generally at the spot where the QWERTY keys are and therefore replacing some of keys in the shortcuts mentioned : ; : go left right on timeline Opt + Q (instead of A) for zoom all Let see if I can beat our in house PT specialist now and maybe show him a new trick :)
2013 Oct 24
I didn't know some of these. Thanks! I use this all the time: if you lose your selection, just hit [option] + [command] + z and it will bring back the previous selection.
2013 Aug 03
LOL good way to get rid of people on your couch! Best part...
2013 Aug 03
LOL good way to get rid of people on your couch! Best part...
2012 Nov 22
Great video ! I've got a cool one for you: Activate Tab to transient [option] + [command] + [Tab] Ciao.
2012 Oct 11
great but Command+Option+H only Protools HD :(
2012 Jun 19
hi is it possible to have this shortcuts on a pdf to download? please. thanks
2012 Jun 10
*copy to send*
2012 Jun 09
I have Pro Tools 10 and the copy send to shortcut "hides others". How can I make it copy send to?
2012 Apr 12
@ tugito: "how can I instantly zoom to the left side of my selection and then again to the right side of the selection?" Arrow left and right keys center the ends of the selection.
2011 Jun 26
Wow... this was by far the best shortcut video I've seen. I have only one question. When I have zoomed the spot I want (drum editing) with ALT + F (PC) , how can I instantly zoom to the left side of my selection and then again to the right side of the selection? I think there is a way for this... Great videos.. the best out there.
2011 Jun 12
This was a very easy and quick way to get refreshed and updated in PT for all those who go back and forth between DAW's like myself. This is FAR better than picking up a manual and searching for long periods of time. I find myself having this up in the background while I am editing in PT especially after days of writing in Logic. Great one guys!! Thanks for making life a little bit easier for us. s5 Sonny
craig z
2011 Jun 11
ha Ha @ "smaller finger for the N key"..... Hey Fab, did you work for Dangerous at the NAB show ( or NAMM?) a few years ago? I may have hung out with you...
2011 Jun 07
Another EXCELLENT tutorial... as always Fab!!! Valuable information and a real time saver. "Thanks Again" "Touch The World" F.L. Freeman, Audio Engineer/ Mixer 111 Entertainment LLC