Soundstrips - Crane Song: Superior Gear

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This documentary was made by Alain Le Kim from Soundstrips. Alain takes you in Dave Hill's studio and the Crane Song factory, unveiling all the secrets that made those boxes a staple in every professional recording studio around the world.

Dave Hill has his own world in Superior, Wisconsin. In his Inland Sea Recording Studio, he engineers music without any compromise. He actually built the studio himself, because when he started, he could not afford to buy the necessary equipment. So he designed all the electronic gear necessary to achieve the highest sound quality of any recording. And then, all the machines he designed for his own use have been produced at his company, Crane Song, for the other sound engineers around the world.

Dave Hill loves nature. Living in the grand natural environment of Lake Superior, he does not drive, walking every day in the countryside boarding the great lake. In this beautiful environment, his daily walks enable him to think about the next product he will design for the Crane Song range of high end gear. From the Hedd converter to the Spider set of preamps, these dream pieces of audio equipment reflect the « no-compromise » approach of Dave. Indeed Superior gear!

« I started electronics when I was so young that it really became just like another language. Some people speak a bunch of languages. My foreign language is actually electronics. »

That’s how Dave Hill defines his world. A world where the language is electronics, and the expanding borders the quality of sound.

A film by Alain Le Kim.

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Every audio tool has been designed by fascinating human beings. And this gear is being put to use by highly talented persons. We want to tell their stories.

Through a collection of documentaries, we are building a library of audio knowledge for the use of those who are passionate about today’s music and audio technology.


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2019 Dec 04
outstanding!!! super enjoyed it! well made and put together as a documentary. Gotta LOVE Dave Hill.. Cheers to him!
2017 Jul 14
At 1:06:46 - 1:10:12 I don't understand his statement about the Gibbs effect, or what digital does to the square wave... I experimented using a square wave generator in my oscilloscope, and I don't ever see pre-ringing. I did a D/A-A/D loop, even there, no pre-ringing. When was this interview? Is he talking about old converters? Is this a problem resolved since a couple of years already? If not, what is he talking about? I don't see the Gibbs effect in my studio. Any insight about this anyone? Well that's the only thing about this video that made me cringe. Other that that, nice documentary
2016 Oct 25
I gave this video four stars because it frustrated me. The video was beautify done, very sensitive and thoughtful with great insight into the man behind this unique company. Now back to the frustration part. The doc made me WANT ALL THE CRANE SONG PRODUCTS!!!! Other than that, this is one of the best docs about a plugin maker I've seen. What the heck. I feel it's worth SIX STARS! Thank you for this incredible documentary.
2016 Jan 20
It is all about human been, yes; it is an equipment but designed by a man. It is a great, delicate, sensitive way of presenting things, I really appreciate it. Thank you.
2015 Feb 08
Out of all videos and reviews I've ever seen about pro gear, this one takes the Oscar. Simply beautifully made.
William Forrest
2014 Dec 12
Magnifique, extraordinaire, j'en ai les larmes aux yeux….merci, mille fois merci.
2014 Jun 26
2014 Jun 12
Does not load on ipad.
2014 May 31
Insanely great video to see how intelligently and dedicated a man's mind can work and gives the engineers actually something to work with.
2014 May 30
This is a great film, and I finally know where Puremix got all their awesome intro/preview music.