Start to Finish: Jacquire King - Episode 10 - Recording The Lead Vocal

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Now that the track has been laid down and the overdubs are finished, it's time to track Oak & Ash's lead singer, Rich Tuorto, as he lays down the vocals for "Keep The Light On."

Take an inside look at how a Grammy Award Winning Producer runs a vocal session efficiently and coaches the best performance possible from the artist.

Watch As Jacquire:

  • Sets up lead vocalist Rich Tuorto in the live room so that he is comfortable and can see the control room for communication
  • Explains his approach to the perfect headphone mix for the vocalist and teaches how to copy the current mix to a send in Pro Tools
  • Sets up AutoTune live for the singers headphone mix
  • Discusses master faders in Pro Tools
  • Coaches Rich through takes
  • Explains how he gives performers feedback to help the process
  • Breaks down why he records an autotune vocal and a clean vocal
  • Has his assistants document the settings for the lead vocal chain and backup everything before comping
  • Has Kolton Lee and Danny Pellegrini create a "Notes Comp", based on comments said during takes

Watch Jacquire King produce "Keep The Light On" from Oak & Ash from Start To Finish only on

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Equipment & Software


  • 1974 Custom Neve Console
  • Teletronix LA-2A
  • Shure SM7


  • Antares Auto-Tune
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Jacquire King

Award-winning Producer, Engineer, and Mixer, Jacquire King, has worked with some of the world’s most influential artists in every role you can imagine in a recording studio. From being an acclaimed recordist to mixing and producing multi-platinum records (9X in the case of Kings Of Leon) by superstars like Kaleo, Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, Norah Jones, Buddy Guy, Cold War Kids, MuteMath, Melissa Etheridge, and James Bay.

To date, Jacquire has received several awards for his meticulous attention to detail and unique approach to creating records that withstand the test of time.

His discography is well-known for the variety of music encompassed from the past 20 years. When you see Jacquire’s tutorials on pureMix, you will have the chance to sit next to a true master at work, who strives to enhance the artist's vision and serve the songs he helps deliver to the masses.


Kings of Leon

Tom Waits

James Bay

Modest Mouse

Buddy Guy

Norah Jones

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2021 May 15
Does anyone know if it is a SM7 or a SM7B? Even with a Cloudlifter the distance to the mic is really big - Rich seems to sing really loud!
Guido Falivene
2021 Jan 17
The personal mixers I believe, are Hear Technologies Hear Back Pro
2021 Jan 17
Can you explain the distance from the Mic methods?
2021 Jan 08
Pop filter is the Pop Audio pop filter
2021 Jan 08
Does anyone know who makes the rolling computer keyboard and mouse stand that's on the console?
2021 Jan 05
2021 Jan 03
ok other than this awesome real world class, I was wondering where I could find that amazing piece of equipment.......the pop filter they are using? :) Can't find it anywhere......
2021 Jan 02
Rich, singer really nailed it...Plus your two techs are really knowledgable. Great tutorial.
2021 Jan 01
Can someone tell me what mixer is the singer using during tracking ? TY
2021 Jan 01
Wow what a fabulous video! So much fun to watch. Doesn’t hurt having a super talented singer that’s so in-tune with his own performance …in great detail. (Not easy!) But the whole process, the organization, attention to detail, bedside name it.. exceptional! A lot to learn from this for sure. Thanks!