Start to Finish: Jacquire King - Episode 8 - Editing The Bass And Drums

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It's day 2, and it's time to review the previous day's takes to see if everything is gelling with the programming and the pocket is tight.

In this episode, Jacquire goes through his entire performance editing process live on camera and has his assistant, Danny Pellegrini, record drum samples of the kit.

See how Jacquire King:

  • Looks for moments to comp the bass guitar
  • Explains his approach to editing drums by hand instead of using beat detective to preserve the pocket
  • Edits in the middle of the transient to get a smoother edit transition after pulling the clip back
  • Reviews his edits and adjusts as he goes
  • Discusses his preference for batch crossfades across his edits
  • Explains a little known Pro Tools preference setting that helps him speed up the editing process
  • Edits the bass to sit in the pocket with the edited drums
  • Demonstrates his technique for hiding edits that cannot sound natural
  • Has his assistant, Danny Pellegrini, tune the drums and record samples of the kit

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Equipment & Software


  • 1974 Custom Neve Console
  • ADR F760 R
  • Distressor
  • GML EQ


  • AKG D12
  • Audix D6
  • Dr. Sample
  • Electro-Voice RE-20
  • MXL R77
  • Mojave MA200
  • Neumann U87
  • Royer SF24
  • Shure SM57
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Jacquire King

Award-winning Producer, Engineer, and Mixer, Jacquire King, has worked with some of the world’s most influential artists in every role you can imagine in a recording studio. From being an acclaimed recordist to mixing and producing multi-platinum records (9X in the case of Kings Of Leon) by superstars like Kaleo, Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, Norah Jones, Buddy Guy, Cold War Kids, MuteMath, Melissa Etheridge, and James Bay.

To date, Jacquire has received several awards for his meticulous attention to detail and unique approach to creating records that withstand the test of time.

His discography is well-known for the variety of music encompassed from the past 20 years. When you see Jacquire’s tutorials on pureMix, you will have the chance to sit next to a true master at work, who strives to enhance the artist's vision and serve the songs he helps deliver to the masses.


Kings of Leon

Tom Waits

James Bay

Modest Mouse

Buddy Guy

Norah Jones

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2021 Jan 26
And this is why music is boring. Big Mac beats.
2020 Dec 29
Great vid. Don't quite get the snap to grid. While you are in SLIP mode? You can do that? Is there a short cut? Thanks once again.
2020 Dec 28
Really love the serie, I learned a lot here on every side of the job. Thank you for sharing the producer aesthetics, these great strategies and editing techniques... Fantastic team work
2020 Dec 23
Just watch this again and even got more out of your comping technique.. Have to say that I learned more from you, besides Fab, on these tutorial series. Being a drummer and mixing in the studio is very challenging with quantizing drums...especially my kit that is huge and many mics..Thanks
Robert Colwell
2020 Dec 23
Jaquire is amazing in his diligence and care. Nothing but respect for him. That being said....Perfection is boring.
2020 Dec 19
Just great! Can't wait for the rest of the series.
2020 Dec 19
Tremendous respect for Jaquire, and yes, I get it, recording art, radio-friendly, that's what the fans want, fans expect this, etc. etc. etc. but it is disheartening nevertheless. No dishing here whatsoever! Just pondering the whole editing/tuning/perfecting thing philosophically I guess. Mainstream AI music is SO close! We won't need humans conceiving, performing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, perfecting. Yet, instead of focusing on the human elements of music--imperfection in essence--we go the other way. Again, just some thoughts, not trying to be a luddite or anything either.
2020 Dec 19
I had noticed when the tracking was being done there were a few fills that didn't have a feel that were complimentary and i wondered why the drummer wasn't asked to perform them better. I see here that edits are done after the tracking so I assume that is one of the reasons the performance was kept. I will admit I do NOT have the extent of experience tracking others as Jacquire (amazing btw), but I personally prefer to have the player "fix" things when tracking. There may be multiple reasons as to why it was done this way...time, punching multiple mics...on and on. Just a passing thought
2020 Dec 19
Very interesting with the comping.....Excellent series tutorial.