Transparent Vocal Compression

Transparent Vocal Compression


Learn how to compress your vocal track in a transparent way and without ruining it.


How to use a compressor on vocals tutorial

Duration : 00:15:37

Learn advanced compression techniques in order to process and compress your vocal track.

Fab discusses how to compress a vocal track without ruining it.

-Concept and workflow setup
-Standard Avid Compressor
-Threshold vs Ratio
-Attack vs release
-Low level passages handling
-Automation vs compression

The attached zip file contains the stereo instrumental and raw vocal tracks of the song.

Please download it and import the files in the DAW you use to make music (any software will do really!) This way, you can improve your mixing skills and transparently compress this vocal track using your own compressor.

What you have to say
Muy bueno el video me abre la mente a mas posibilidades en como ver las cosas.
Fabulous Fab
: not if you are looking for a very contained sound on a very dynamic recording.
Thanks for this! But isn't 2ms Attack still to fast?
Thanks for that breakdown. Truly appreciated!
Todo muy claro.¡Genial!
Love how you explained the different components of a compressor and what each stands for. And also love the fact you used the compressor that came with the DAW. That way we don't tend to get carried away about the gear but focus more on the concept behind the gear.
Salut Fab!
J'écris en français, ça sera plus simple pour nous! ;)
Tu parles du LA-2A qui est parfait pour la voix, j'en conviens!
Ne penses-tu pas que c'est du au fait qu'à l'origine, c'était un compresseur d'antenne (pour la diffusion radio)? ( source:
Comme en radio, on s'occupe beaucoup, pour ne pas dire essentiellement, de la voix, il y aurait une logique à celà...
Qu'en penses-tu?

Pirouss - technicien RadioFrance
Becky Jo Benson

You are so good about details and your videos are very easy to learn quickly because of the way that you talk about
how it boils down to the FEELING of the recording that a person wants to get across. THANK YOU so much for being
there for each of us out here who are learning how to listen! Hahahaha, and I really like your video on 'How To Listen'.
Actually each of your videos have helped me so much to be aware of what to listen for. In one of your videos you said
that if we can't hear the difference, listen to it over and over again until we can---good call! Becky Jo Benson
Please ... do not saw the Rhodes !
Server not found: rtmpt:// WHATS HAPPEN WITH THE VIDEO?
I bought the how to hear and eq after those i had to subscribe I love these videos
I got the Eq Vocals Video, Loved it. and you mentioned Compression. That brought me here. I though I had the Comp on Vocals down. I was doing good but this video has lots of tidbits and ways to think about it and do it that really helps Thanks!!!
When you say, "We do more in the dedicated compression videos", which videos are you alluding to? Have they been released or were you referring to to-be released videos like the 2 stage compression one? Great video by the way. I learned a lot.
Adrian Tello
Really nice tutorial. I’m waiting for a 2 stage compression tutorial too.
Nice sound!! Very clean.
nice tutorial, thanks
and what about the knee? how this feature can be useful?

Transparent Vocal Compression