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When receiving sessions from other people to mix, it is important to establish a workflow that is efficient and organized so that you can be creative faster and remove the distractions of session management.

In this Exclusive, Grammy Award Winning Engineer, John Paterno explains his mixing template and workflow for organizing sessions that he receives for mixing. Learn how John sets up his sessions when he receives a folder full of audio files when exported from another DAW, as well as how he imports session data from Pro Tools sessions into his template to fit his workflow.

Learn how to set up your sessions for an efficient mix from John Paterno, only on

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John Paterno

John moved to Los Angeles two weeks after graduation from the University of Miami MUE [Music Engineering] program. A short period of freelance assisting concluded with a staff position at Sunset Sound/Sound Factory in Hollywood, where for five years he was exposed to many great engineers, producers, and artists.

After breaking out of assisting, John worked with a wide range of producers including Mitchell Froom, Joe Chiccarelli, Byron Gallimore, Celso Valli, and Stephen Duffy. He won a Latin Grammy for his work with artist/producer Soraya.

In addition, John has produced or co-produced projects for The Black Mollys, Mitchell Froom, Lustra, Robbie Williams, The Lilac Time, and many other artists. He has also co-written songs with artists and has written pieces for TV and film.

John is also known to be an outstanding guitar player, and has mastered the craft of recording this instrument.

Check out his videos on PureMix to see how his meticulous approach makes for detailed and punchy mixes.


Robbie Williams

The Steve Gadd Band


Robben Ford

Eros Ramazzotti

The Thrills

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2022 May 20
Where are the stems? I only see the templates.
2021 Dec 02
This video came up searching for "Cubase". Strange.
2021 Mar 20
While it's hardly a template, it's a good workflow video. Ryan, Fab and Andrew have actual templates, if you're looking.
2019 Dec 03
Thank you. Much appreciated.
2019 Jul 05
thank you so much!!
2019 Feb 23
Awesome. Thanks!
2019 Feb 18
Great way to start a session.
2019 Feb 14
Always helpful to see how to organize a session before you're good to go. Thanks John!
Antonio Robbins
2019 Feb 11
nice info