Learn How To Use Take Folders And Comp In Logic Pro X

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In part six of our Logic Pro X Quickstart Series, Scott Griffin shows you how to use take folders and create perfect composite takes, while keeping your session organized.  

Learn How To:

  • Organize multiple takes of a performance
  • Use quick swipe mode to audition multiple takes and select portions of the performance for the perfect composite take
  • Adjust automatic crossfade creation, allowing you to edit with greater speed and stay focused on the performance
  • Create multiple composite versions and organize multiple versions of the performance
  • Commit to your edits with features like Flatten and Merge
  • Use features like unpack take folders to new tracks and more for increased flexibility

Watch part 7 here

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  • Logic Pro X
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Scott Griffin
Scott Griffin is a producer, songwriter, and composer for artists like Kid Runner, Effee, The Saylor, and Clubhouse. He has also produced custom music for large brands such as Proctor & Gamble, The Columbus Crew Soccer Club, Walmart, Nationwide Insurance and many more.

Kid Runner


The Saylor


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2020 Jul 12
The colorchange can be set automatically in audio setup like in pro tools, so you don't have to do it afterwards
2020 Mar 29
I never used the take folders because I felt safer recording new tracks. I'm starting to use them from now on! Loved the video!
2019 Dec 28
I'm loving these Logic videos!! I've used Logic for a while now but every one of these has some piece of advice that I was lacking. Thank you very much!