Start to Finish: Greg Wells - Episode 6 - Recording Vocals

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With a strong and inspiring foundation laid, Greg decides it is time to record the final vocals.

Forging ahead with the gorgeous AKG C12 at Sunset Sound, Greg and Bryce work through takes to make sure there is plenty of material for Greg to go through and create the perfect composite take.

Watch as Greg:

  • Coaches Bryce through the vocal tracking
  • Focuses on key moments of the song to make the lead vocal memorable
  • Helps the singer get through challenging portions of the performance
  • Creates the perfect vocal performance from various takes
  • Uses pitch correction to dial the vocal in and remove any distractions for the listener

Watch the rest of the series here

Equipment & Software


  • Antares Auto-tune
  • AKG C12
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Greg Wells

Grammy award-winning, Canadian musician, songwriter, and record producer, Greg Wells, has been dubbed “A Swiss Army Knife” in the recording studio by the legendary Stewart Copeland for good reason.

As a multi-instrumentalist, he has the ability to artfully mold his productions with incredible precision, craftsmanship, and most importantly, taste. Combining his musicianship with his uncanny abilities as a producer, engineer, and mixer, he has seen album sales top 120 million, with streaming numbers in the billions. With a B.

His diverse list of credits includes superstars such as Adele, Dua Lipa, Twenty One Pilots, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, Celine Dion, Deftones, Kid Cudi, Weezer, OneRepublic, Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams, Aerosmith and so many more that we would need a really long scroll bar to list them all. 

Greg has seen monumental success recently with the release of the motion picture soundtrack for “The Greatest Showman”, which he not only produced but played on as well.


The Greatest Showman


Katy Perry

Twenty One Pilots

Grace VanderWaal

Dua Lipa

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Sari Abul Adel
2021 Feb 01
Amazing work all around.. But that Mellotron-turned-coffee/tea-table is giving me so much anxiety!
2020 Mar 09
merci pour les sous titres français....
2020 Jan 19
Peut on avoir des sous titre fr svp
2019 Dec 29
I look up to this guy so much. So good to see the boundaries between to much and too little of tweaking.
2019 Dec 28
I'm in an addiction, I cannot wait for the next episode! Thanks for so many great insights!
2019 Dec 28
Vocals sound so goooood!!! Love this series! Such talent among these three.
Marcus Raynal
2019 Dec 27
Would have been great to see the comping and tuning live instead of sped through. Also, hear him explain why and how he made the decisions he did. Great video nonetheless!
2019 Dec 27
I am so impressed with the care and commitment by everyone involved towards this project. Thank you. I am uplifted and challenged with every episode. Honest, hard work, rocks!
2019 Dec 27
One of the many things I love about this series is the way Greg and Bryce work together. Bryce came in with a very cool song -- she knew what it was about and had put it good work. It was incomplete when she first played it, but that only meant she was not overly attached. This left room for Greg to develop the bridge, and guide Bryce through the challenge of creating a second verse.
2019 Dec 27
Love the way that Greg works. He keeps the session going and keeps it positive. The downbeat trick was awesome!
2019 Dec 27
Another great tutorial..coming along very well and learning a lot, thank you.