Start to Finish: Matt Ross-Spang - Episode 5 - Recording "That's Love"

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One song down, one to go!

Now that the band has wrapped up "Anytime You Want Me" and grabbed some famous Memphis Barbecue from The Cozy Corner, it's time to get back to work and record the second song, "That's Love".

In this episode, you'll watch as Matt and the band:

  • Work out the arrangement and rehearse "That's Love"
  • Adjust the tone of the snare to fit the vibe of the song
  • Get some extra grit out of the guitar amp
  • Push the Spectra mic pres to saturate and soak up the transients
  • Overdub percussion

Join Matt Ross-Spang, Eli "Paperboy" Reed, The Hodges Brothers, Ken Coomer, and The Masqueraders inside the legendary Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, TN for an incredible recording event, from Start To Finish.

Equipment & Software


  • AEA R88
  • AKG D 25
  • Neumann U48
  • Neumann U47
  • Neumann U67
  • RCA 77
  • Shure SM57
  • Upton 251
    • Outboard Gear

  • 1969 Spectra Sonics Console
  • Ampeg B15
  • Burl Mothership
  • Studer A27
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    Matt Ross-Spang

    Matt Ross-Spang is a Multi award-winning engineer, mixer, and producer. His first brush with greatness began at only 14 years old when he received 2 hours of studio time at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN, for his birthday.

    He went on to intern at Sun Studios when he was 16 and learned what it meant to bring recording back to its roots. Matt now operates out of the newly renovated Studio B at Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, TN, which he now calls “Southern Groove.”

    Among the many incredible entries in his discography, Ross-Spang was hired in 2016 by Sony Records to mix 18 previously unreleased songs by Elvis Presley from his historic 1976 sessions from the Jungle Room at Graceland.

    Known for his unique taste and ability to preserve old school recording techniques and bring them into today’s music, Matt Ross-Spang has worked with some of the world’s most cherished artists from the most legendary studios in recording history.


    John Prine

    Al Green

    Margo Price

    Elvis Presley

    Eli “Paperboy” Reed

    Mary Chapin Carpenter

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    2020 Aug 06
    The series is awesome so far... as the series before are
    2020 Aug 04
    What did drummer do to make the snare more trashy. It looked like he was tuning bottom head? Maybe just easing off snare strainer
    Delinquent Noise
    2020 Aug 01
    Amazing! Today ends my year in puremix and I have lost my job in these strange times. Everything I have learned here in one year is incredible. But I will come back when I can and I will finish watching this beautiful series. Thank you so much to all the people at Puremix!
    2020 Jul 31
    Can somebody tell what the second snare was?